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Department of Kinesiology College of Health & Human Services

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Graduate Program in Kinesiology

The Master of Science degree in Kinesiology offers a program of study in Exercise Science and in Movement Studies, both of which are designed to offer:

  • increased breadth and depth of knowledge relative to the discipline of Kinesiology;
  • the opportunity to engage in scholarly activity, including creative and analytical thinking, interpreting, evaluating and translating peer-reviewed research, and designing and conducting original research;
  • support for new and enhanced career commitment among Kinesiology professionals through academic experiences leading to continued self-development and growth.

The Office of Graduate Studies handles all applications for graduate study at Sac State. While faculty are happy to discuss the program and their research interests throughout the academic year (see our faculty here), the Kinesiology Graduate Program only admits students in the Fall. Please see this page for program deadlines and application information, and find program requirements in the University Catalogue.

After your online application is processed, the Office of Graduate Studies will send you a link where you may upload supplemental materials required by the Kinesiology Department – required materials are listed below.

  • three (3) letters of recommendation that speak specifically to academic ability
  • a letter of intent (1-page statement of academic and professional goals and identification of 2 faculty members with whom you might like to study)
  • one (1) recent writing sample
  • proof of passing score on the CSCS/NSCA exam (Strength and Conditioning option applicants only)

Note: Students applying for admission to the Kinesiology graduate program who do not have a degree in Kinesiology are required to successfully complete a minimum of 18-20 specified units in Kinesiology. The course list for each concentration is below:

  • Movement Studies: 18 units to include KINS 120, Specificity of Conditioning; KINS 134, History and Philosophy of Physical Education and Sport; KINS 137, Sociology of Sport; KINS 138, Teaching Strategies in Physical Education; KINS 158, Motor Learning; and KINS 160, Sport and Exercise Psychology.