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Peer Mentor Support: FSHD

What is a Peer Mentor?

Peer mentors support students during their academic and social adjustment to Sacramento State University. Peer mentors work with individuals to discuss different techniques and skills that students can utilize to be successful in college.

Discussion Topics

Peer mentors will help provide guidance to students in many ways covering various topics, including:

  • Career exploration
  • Study groups
  • Time management, study skills, general education workshops
  • Avoiding procrastination
  • Reducing school stress
  • Getting involved in student/campus life at Sacramento State
  • My Sac State – one stop student portal
  • Graduation requirements
  • Academic policies
  • Resources and tools for course planning/scheduling
  • Referral to faculty with relevant academic and/or career information
  • Campus resources available to support academic, personal and career development
  • General support and encouragement

Peer mentors have been through the college transition and know some of the challenges you may be facing. Conversations with peer mentors are confidential unless there is a danger to self or others.

Nancy Portillo - Family Studies & Human Development

FSHD Mentor: Nancy Portillo

Hi Everyone! My name is Nancy Portillo and I am a first-generation student in my 3rd year at Sac State. I’m not from Sacramento and moved here alone about a year ago. Some of my hobbies include watching shows and movie series, playing volleyball, and spending time with families and friends. I am happy with my major and chose it because of my interest in different family systems and the way humans develop especially from childhood to adolescence.