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Liberal Studies Social Sciences & Interdisciplinary Studies

About Liberal Studies

Program Overview

Liberal Studies provides a broad academic program encouraging academic excellence, diversity, community, and collaboration. There are two tracks in the Liberal Studies Program, the General Liberal Studies track and the Pre-Credential track.

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Students are required to come in for advising at least once every semester until they graduate

1. Go to using Chrome/Firefox as the browser, login with SacState credentials

2. Click on the blue Assistance button on the top right side

3. Choose: Advising, Liberal Studies Advising twice, then the Next button on the bottom right

4. Choose: Liberal Studies Advising Center. We suggest leaving staff member blank then click the Next button on the bottom right

5. Blue appointment times mean available, gray means the days and time slots are taken by other students

6. Select the time that works with your schedule

7. Leave notes for your advisor and select “send me a text” and check the pre-populated number before hitting the blue Confirm button on the bottom right

Roadmap & Annual Assessment

The Liberal Studies Roadmap provides a pathway to help students complete the degree quickly and efficiently.

The Liberal Studies Learning Objectives help students know what is expected from their coursework.

AAC&U's Liberal Education and America's Promise (LEAP) VALUE rubrics:
The rubrics articulate fundamental criteria for each learning outcome, with performance descriptors demonstrating progressively more sophisticated levels of attainment. The rubrics are intended for institutional-level use in evaluating and discussing student learning, not for grading. The core expectations articulated in all 16 of the VALUE rubrics can and should be translated into the language of individual campuses, disciplines, and even courses. The utility of the VALUE rubrics is to position learning at all undergraduate levels within a basic framework of expectations such that evidence of learning can by shared nationally through a common dialog and understanding of student success. Click here for the rubrics.

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Liberal Studies Office
Lassen Hall, Room 2008
Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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Phone: (916) 278-6342

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