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Using Zoom to Participate in Programs

Most folks had never heard of Zoom before the spring of 2020! Now it's one of the most popular ways to get people together in groups online and Renaissance is continuing to use it for the Fall Semester.

The Zoom Training Team has created learning guides and recorded tutorials to help you learn this new tool. These resources are for seminar leaders and tech hosts and also for participants. Whatever your role in a seminar, all participants can benefit from learning the basics.

Basic Training and Guides

Getting Started

First you need to get connected with Zoom. These two short tutorials, designed for beginners, are all you need to know to join a Zoom meeting and participate as an attendee.

Then choose the learning guide below that matches how you’ll join a meeting. You can view the PDFs online or download and print them for future reference.

Conducting a Zoom Meeting

These videos and PDFs are from the Zoom training conducted for Renaissance Society program leaders and tech hosts. If you already took the classes and want a review, these will help you. Anyone who is interested in learning more about Zoom is also welcome to access them. They have been updated for Zoom version 5.4.9.

Designed for Seminar/SIG Leaders, Speakers, and their Technical Hosts, this recorded Zoom session covers meeting controls, roles in a meeting, and sharing your content online whether it’s slides, video or other information. Tips for communicating with your participants as well as meeting checklists are covered.

Not every presenter will use all of Zoom’s tools; however, it’s good to know what they are. Part 2 of the Basic Steps class, introduces more tools you can use to connect with your audience such as polls, file transfers and breakout sessions. Tips on equipment needed for a Zoom meeting, as well as techniques for handling questions and Zoom etiquette, are also covered.

Scheduling and Reporting

This class is designed for Technical hosts and/or Leaders who schedule Zoom meetings: What needs to happen before your meeting or seminar takes place. Topics covered include logging into your account and account setup, scheduling your meetings, and methods for sending invitations to your attendees. Plus, we will also cover some basic Zoom reports.

Here is a guide on how to access your program data, , particularly in scheduling your Zoom meetings using the online registration system.

Features Training in Zoom Learning Center

Created by Zoom, the Zoom Learning Center is a comprehensive collection of on-demand videos and short eLearning courses. Your Renaissance Society Training Team is incorporating these modules in our current training, giving you the best of both worlds.

Start with Navigating the Zoom Learning Center (ZLC) to explore what is available, then view Recommended Courses for a customized list of items we feel will meet your immediate needs. Included are Tips from your RS Training Team. Below that are featured videos with associated PDF guides. Note: The guides have not been updated since 2021 but provide a helpful list of steps in a printable format.

Navigating the Zoom Learning Center (ZLC)

Recommended Courses for the ZLC

Breakout Rooms:

Polls and Waiting Rooms:


Share Screen and Engaging Slideshows:

Views and Closed Captioning:

Zoom Registration:

Hybrid Training and Resources

A hyflex classroom, also referred to as a hybird classroom, combines an in-person on-campus audience with participants attending via Zoom online. Managing the technology plus serving the needs of both audiences requires a little more planning. Your basic Zoom tools will work the same. You’ll combine those with the use of updated classroom technology such as ceiling-mounted cameras plus lapel and hand-held microphones. Explore the resources below to help you plan a successful program in this new learning environment.

Best Zoom Online Practices Videos

This collection of videos is for Renaissance Society Seminar Leaders, SIG Facilitators and their Technical Hosts. The Forum and Seminar Committee and other interested RS members would also find them useful. Topics include Zoom Tips, Online Best Practices seminars, and Workshop recordings. Featured Videos appear at the top of the recordings page, followed by Recently Added selections. To see the whole collection, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Load More, then have fun exploring. Specific offerings are featured below this topic.

Online Best Practices for Attracting, Engaging, and Retaining Your Audience

This two-part seminar builds on your Zoom technical skills training and provides additional best online practices for attracting, engaging and retaining your seminar attendees. Specific topics include audio and video selection and use, presentations that engage with video and music, tracking your audience’s engagement, and techniques for being a great speaker, plus lots more.

How Do I ... ?

Guides and recordings on various technical topics including our Online Registration System, Zoom and software tools

Knowledge Base and Tech Updates

We are constantly adding to our technical knowledge at the Renaissance Society. Some information comes from tools such as Zoom, some from improvements in our registration system, and some from suggestions from our technical hosts who support our online programs.

Knowledge Base

Tech Hosts and Presenters can review information captured in the ZIKES (Zoom Information Knowledge Education System) Spreadsheet.

Please note: The site was retired on 1/25/23 so no further updates have been made. However, there are still lots of relevant Zoom troubleshooting tips you can access.

Tech Update: Jan. 17, 2024

Get ready for Spring 2024! Before each semester, Program Leaders, Shared Interest Group Facilitators, and Tech Hosts are presented with the latest technology updates in our Renaissance Society systems. If you missed this event, click here to get access to the recording plus other links and helpful documents that were referred to in the presentation.

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