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Youth Protection Program

Minors on Campus: California State University Sacramento (CSUS) is committed to providing a healthy and safe environment for all members of the campus community and visiting members of the public, including minor children (youth) on campus. Youth are individuals under the age of eighteen (18), who are not matriculated University students.

As part of our commitment to provide an open and safe campus environment for all, including youth, Risk Management Services (RMS) has developed the Youth Protection Program. This program intends to identify events and activities that serve, or otherwise engage youth, and establish standards and protocols for their safety and protection. It also intends to guide staff and volunteer conduct, and to facilitate the identification of high-risk interactions and program characteristics. The CSUS must consider the impact of all activities that involve youth, and appreciate the risks and legal responsibilities. Therefore, adopting appropriate measures to manage the potential for exposure, especially to these young program participants, is essential.

All University departments and auxiliaries, outside organizations, employees (staff), students and volunteers with regular or direct contact with youth must complete the following:

Program Registration

The responsible person for a University program hosting or involving youth must register the program by completing the Minors on Campus-Program or Activity Registration and attesting that all adults have completed training and passed a background check. Registration for Youth Programs and Youth Activities shall be submitted to the University at least sixty (60) days prior to the start of each event or activity. A program that does not register will not be permitted.


CSU Learn training as per the established Youth Protection Training Matrix is required. Training shall be completed annually or before program staff and volunteers begin working with youth. All training shall be documented and tracked by Risk Management. If an individual does not have access to CSU Learn, then please contact the Risk Management department.

Third-Party or Co-sponsored Programs

Third-party sponsors of youth programs taking place on a property, operated or controlled by the University are responsible for registering the program by completing the Minors on Campus-Program or Activity Registration, procuring and reviewing background checks, and conducting training consistent with CSUS Risk Management requirements. Our campus does not provide online training for outside third-party vendors, but vendors may review the “Your Guide to Working with Minors.”

All outside third-party organizations must carry the University Required Insurance Coverage, including Abuse and Molestation Liability Insurance written on an “occurrence” basis.

Mandatory Background Checks

Human Resources administers background checks for CSU staff and volunteers in accordance with CSU Technical Letter HR 2017-17. Program Directors are responsible for identifying and documenting all youth program staff and volunteers, and ensuring they pass a background check before the program start date. Risk Management will determine the eligibility of staff and volunteers for participation in youth programs, with appropriate consultation from Human Resources. Note: Our office does not require the details of a background check.

Required Resources

Your Guide to Working with Minors

Minors on Campus - Program or Activity Registration Form

Background Check Policy (HR 2017-17)

CSUS Youth Protection Training Matrix (CSU Learn in My Sac State)

Contact Our Office

For more information or questions regarding the Youth Protection Program contact Nayeli Gonzalez, Youth Protection Analyst via email or phone: (916) 278-4629.