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Division of Inclusive Excellence Moving the Needle

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Moving the Needle

a meter  of equity on a green background with measurement markings that read: very poor in red, poor in orange, average in yellow, good in light green, and excellent in dark green. The needle on the meter sets on excellent.

Welcome to Moving the Needle, where we showcase and elevate new and continuing efforts being made in the Hornet Community to move the needle closer towards equity and justice, helping us make Sac State a place where everyone feels that they belong!


This year marks the second year of Sac State's five-year Antiracism & Inclusive Campus Action Plan. As we move forward on our mission to become antiracism, inclusive and antioppression, we believe that we must acknowledge our areas of growth and elevate the ways that our campus is actively working to BECOME more inclusive.

Our 2023 AICP Spring Symposium, held on March 28, was a vehicle to bring the community together to learn and provide opportunities for networking and building connections among resources, programs, and initiatives across campus silos.The symposium highlighted and promoted services, programs, research, campus projects, and initiatives aimed at increasing antiracism, anti-oppression, and inclusivity in the Sac State campus community.

Together we uncovered and co-created transformative practices designed to counter bias and discrimination at all levels of the institution. We came together to do the work to make our campus community more just and equitable for everyone.

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