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Anchor University Grants Programs

About the Anchor University Grants Programs

The Anchor University Grants Program, a valuable resource for our university community, offers two grant programs for FY 2024-25. These programs are designed to support students, staff, and faculty members in their community and civic engagement projects, aligning with the University's dedicated community involvement imperative.

As a community-engaged University, our mission is to align its resources and efforts to cultivate purposeful, long-term, mutually beneficial community partnerships that confront systemic inequities, transform the lives of our students, and strengthen our communities.

The grants program aims to cultivate intellectual inquiry with community needs. This funding opportunity encourages university departments and community organizations to collaborate collaboratively, sharing knowledge and resources for mutual benefit.

There are two types of grants being offered —the first type centers around community-engaged partnerships, research, scholarship, and learning. The second type focuses on civic engagement projects that promote civic education, advocacy, and collaboration. Both types of projects are crucial in our mission to strengthen our communities.

Grant Information Session

Come join our Anchor University Grant informational session where you'll learn about each grant, what it takes to qualify, and how to apply. Plus, you can share your ideas and get helpful feedback.

Friday, April 19

9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.

For questions, contact

Click here to review the Grant Informaitonal PowerPoint

Community Engagement Grant

The Community Engagement grant seeks to fund new or existing projects and programs that focus on community-engaged partnerships, research, scholarship, and learning that will improve the long-term welfare of the Sacramento community and address at least one of the six priority issues of Anchor University. All projects must also advance student success and the University’s anti-racism and inclusion efforts. Additionally, applicants must engage with at least one (1) community partner to encourage deep connections within the community (community organization, government agency, non-profit, school, etc.).

Robert S. Nelsen Civic Engagement Grant

The Robert S. Nelsen Civic Engagement grant seeks to fund new or existing innovative projects and programs focused on civic engagement to improve the long-term welfare of the Sacramento Region. The purpose of this grant is to advance civic education, advocacy, and collaboration as drivers of societal advancement by funding projects and programs that promote civic participation. The aim is to initiate positive transformations by supporting endeavors dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in underserved communities through both political and non-political means.