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About Initiatives

As of July 2023, through a wide range of programs and policies, Sacramento State has seen a 212% improvement in four-year graduation rates since 2016. More than 28% of Sac State students now graduate within four years, compared to 9% in 2016. Sacramento State also has dramatically reduced equity gaps, which appear when grad rates for traditionally underserved minority students lag behind others. The University aims to eliminate the gaps within three years.

Graduation Initiative 2025

To reach and exceed our graduation target goals, Sacramento State did the following:

  • Transform the campus culture and operations to promote a "Finish in Four" mindset for first-time students and a "Through in Two" mindset for transfer students. “Finish in Four” and "Through in Two" are Sacramento State's graduation initiatives. They are University-wide, collaborative, student-centered initiatives that combine research-based best practices and data-informed decision-making to document quality learning, increase graduation rates and eliminate equity gaps.
  • Leverage technology and data-informed decision-making to build a collaborative ecosystem that integrates student development and quality learning while optimizing progress to degree completion.
  • Emphasize student engagement and well-being.
  • Focus on achieving outcomes, such as minimum unit loads and productive units, which are essential precursors to and drivers of student progression to degree.
  • Eliminate administrative barriers that impede students' academic progress.

Collaborative Operations

This office has embarked on a communication campaign with Academic Affairs and Student Affairs. Also, we maintain collaborative enterprises with community colleges and K-12 as well as other external constituents including legislators.


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