Faculty Portrait

Contact Information

Name: Todd Migliaccio

Title: Chair, Department of Sociology

Office Location: Amador 450

Email: tmigliac@csus.edu

Office Phone: 916.278.6678

Mailing Address: 6000 J street

Office Hours: Tues/Thur 3-4:30pm, or by appointment

Courses That I Teach

Soc 102: Research Methods
Soc 126: Sociology of Gender
Soc 127: Men, Masculinity and Society
Soc 134: Sociology of Film
Soc 135: Popular Culture
Soc 150: Social Psychology
Soc 166: The Family
Soc 169: Changing American Family, Service Learning Course- Service Learning Partners Manual
Soc 200B: Thesis/Project Preparation
Soc 226: Sociology of Gender, Graduate Course


Migliaccio, T. and J. Carrigan. 2017. “Producing Better Writers in Sociology: A Programmatic Assessment and Response to Writing in a Large Department.” Teaching Sociology 45: 228-239

Migliaccio, T, J. Raskauskas, and M. Schmidtlein. 2017. “Mapping the Landscapes of Bullying.” Learning Environments Research, 20: 365-382.

Migliaccio, T. 2016. “Abused Husbands: A Narrative Analysis.” In The Family Issues Reader, edited by C. Shehan. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Migliaccio, T. 2015. “Teacher Engagement with Bullying: Managing an Identity within a School.” Sociological Spectrum 35: 84-108.

Migliaccio, T. and J. Raskauskas. 2015. Bullying as a Social Experience: Social Factors, Prevention and Intervention. Surrey, UK: Ashgate Publishers.


Website Dedicated to supporting educators, comprised of research-based materials that are free to use that address bullying: Classroom Bullying Materials

Curriculum Vitae

Student Advising

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Campus and Community Projects

Lead Academic Affairs representative in the campus-wide implementation of Smart Planner.

Academic Affairs representative in the development and implementation of the Curriculum Workflow program.

Faculty co-facilitator for Equity PLC's through the Center for Teaching and Learning.

Campus Coordinator Designee for the Chancellor's Office Course Redesign Program.

Campus Coordinator Designee for the Chancellor's Office Course Match Program.

CSUS Representative on Campus Climate Collaborative, Sacramento City Unified School District.

Presenter for Empower Yolo Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Training, Required California Training for all volunteers.