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Where the future begins for arts education in Northern California

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New art building

Are you ready to put your name on the future of creative excellence?

Now is the time to support the College of Arts & Letters at Sacramento State. Soon, we will open the doors to a new art building centered on providing students with a safe and modern space for equitable arts education.

Naming opportunities are available. Contact Tami Dawley to discuss how you can support the project.

The future begins here for arts education

Approved by the California State University Chancellor’s Office, HGA Architects designed the 20,377 square-foot facility with input from the Art department, and Sacramento-based Otto Construction is now constructing it.

The new art building provides students with an advanced artistic environment featuring:

  • A 3D technology lab
  • Drawing and painting labs
  • Graduate studios
  • A lobby common area doubles as a gallery
  • Metal shop
  • Outdoor space for ceramics kilns
  • Outdoor sculpture yard
  • Plaster shop
  • Sculpture studio
  • Spray room
  • Storage space
  • Wax room
  • Wood assembly
  • Working courtyard as a gallery space

The building meets LEED Silver standards, providing a healthy, highly efficient, and cost-saving green building.

Rendering of full view of new art building

Creating opportunities for student success

The new art building, paired with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in fine arts, positions Sacramento State as Northern California’s destination for an accredited and equitable arts education.

With the new building comes tremendous equipment needs. That is where you come in. The extent to which students can pursue their creative abilities and make an impact is reliant upon the tools we can provide them now. Each of us has something to contribute. Together, we can make a difference in arts education.

Consider one of many naming opportunities or give now.

Hear from Dean Sheree Meyer and students

Put your name on creative excellence

Several naming opportunities are available for you to leave a lasting and literal mark on art history in Sacramento, allowing us to purchase the necessary equipment for student success. Even greater, you’ll know that by investing in arts education and infrastructure, you:

  • foster creativity, ideation, and expression in students
  • help provide resources for artistic exploration and collaboration
  • empower future artists, designers, and scholars

Moreover, a well-equipped art building can serve as a hub for cultural events, exhibitions, and outreach programs, enriching the lives of students and the community.

The time to give is now

We aim to be the destination for arts education in Northern California and want you to be a part of that.

Give for opportunity. Give for success.

Reach out to Tami today to support the project.

Tami Dawley
Director of Development