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Q- Fx Guide


To use the REPT Function: 

      1.       Point and Click the cell in which you want the Repeated text located
      Enter the formula:

a.      Type:           =       
The equal sign Indicates to Excel that you are entering a function 

b.       Type:           REPT 
This is the name of the function term

c.       Type:          (   
       Open parenthesis Indicates the start of the argument, (which text to repeat)                                                                                                                

d.      Input:          The text you would like to repeat by either:

                        Typing the text

        Clicking a cell that contains the text 

e.       Input:          Type a comma and then input the # of times to repeat by either: 

        Writing an integer, or

        Clicking a cell that contains the correct amount to repeat

f.      Type:           )  
Close parenthesis Indicates the end of the REPT argument.

g.       Press:           <Enter>


The function will automatically display the text given as many times as told (no spaces).