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Q- Fx Guide



Square Root

         To use the SQRT Function:

               Point and Click the cell in which you want the Square Root located
          Enter the formula:

1.       Type:           =       
The equal sign Indicates to Excel that you are entering a function

2.       Type:           sqrt 
       This is the name of the function term

3.       Type:           (       
Open parenthesis Indicates the start of the argument, (the cell or # to find the root of) 

4.       Input:           
The cell containing the number to find the root of by:

                    Clicking the cell desired (example: A1)

        Typing the cell (example: A1), OR

        Typing in the named cell If you have already named the cell 

5.       Type:           )        
Close parenthesis Indicates the end of the SQRT argument.

          Press        <ENTER>
          The function will automatically find the square root