Stanislaus J. Dundon
California State University, Sacramento
Philosophy Department, 3016 Mendocino Hall
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FALL 2005


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This semester I will be teaching another of my favorite courses. Philosophy 131, Philosophy of Religion. I can promise you an active and interesting course. My second course is Phil 103, Business and Computer Ethics. This is a specialty of mine. I have been teaching all sorts of applied ethics since 1985.I will be giving you a chance to look at and write/speak on any computer related topic from encryption and counter-terrorism efforts to break encryption to pornography and denial of service fraud. I love computers, but I am suspicious of the idea that anything one can do can be done better by computer.

Contact Information

Title: Dr. Stan Dundon
Office Hours: Office MND-3016

Walk-in: MWF 11:00 to Noon. And by appointment at other MWF times. Just call.

E-mail Address:
Office Telephone: (916) 278-6766
Home Telephone: (530) 756-9679, no calls after 10 PM
FAX: (916-278-5364
Mailing Address: CSU, Sacramento, Philosophy Dept.
6000 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95819-6033

Spring 2006:

Phil 103-01 MWF 10:00-10:50 am Classroom 3009 Mendocino

Syllabus Task list



Phil 131-02 MW 3-4:15 PM Classroom:3009 Mendocino

Syllabus Task list

Forms needed for work submission:

1. Homework Analysis Evaluation Form

2.Public Argument Evaluation Form

3.Public Argument Submission Form

4.Public Argument Grading Form

Bi-weekly homework argument analyses:

Homework Assignment No. One

Homework Assignment No. Two

Homework Assignment No. Three

Homework Assignment No. Four

Homework Assignment No. Five

Homework Assignment No. Six

Future Courses:

Phil 104, Bioethics

Phil 125, Philosophy of Science

Phil 04, Critical Thinking

Phil 101, Contemporary Moral Issues

Phil 131, Philosophy of Religion


Papers and Publications Relevant to Courses on this Website

Existence of GodUndesigned Designer

Papers and Publications Relevant to Courses: (not on this website yet)

Sacramento Bee "Right and Wrong" Column, 1996-99

Hidden Risks of Biotechnology to the Environment and the University

The Kevorkian Escalation (Physician Assisted Suicide)

The Moral Obligation to Innovation (Third World Development Ethics)

(See link to bioethics and agricultural pages for papers available on this and linked sites.)

Research Projects/Interests

I remain the national coordinator of a project called the "Soul of Agriculture" which you can view at The project is aimed at getting a national consensus statement on the multiple public values of family managed farming and on the mutual ethical commitments needed to retain such farming as a vigorous component of our nation's food production system.

Partly as a result of my role in the Soul of Agriculture project and partly due to my initiating , with several other faculty members, the original Agricultural Biotechnology Ethics and Public Policy course at UC Davis, I remain active in the effort of various faculty members there and nationwide to establish the kinds of careful study of risks and benefits in agricultural biotechnology that are traditional in all other mature disciplines, such as medicine and engineering.


Professional Associations:

American Philosophical Association
Agriculture, Food and Human Values Society (member of Advisory Board)
Society for Value Inquiry
Society for Ethics and Animals



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