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Web Links

This section provides brief summaries for key web sites:

Managed Care

HealthWorld Online -

A website for those who wish to manage health care on their own.  A Voltaire quote from the HealthWorld home page sums up their philosophy, “The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.”


The American Journal of Managed Care -

A very thorough and technical view into Modern Managed Care and Theoretical Managed Care for the Future.  Information ranges from idealistic to realistic vision.  The AJMC considers itself “The Forum for Peer-Reviewed Literature on Health-Care outcomes.”


The Department of Managed Care -

A comprehensive Californian government website displaying: Information about Health Plans, a California HMO report card, Press Highlights, Regulations, and many other Managed Care topics.


Glossary of Terms in Managed Health Care -

According to their own description, this glossary has ‘hundreds of terms with definitions; a helpful resource for those working in health and medical fields striving to understand new managed care terminology.”


Dental Insurance Providers

Aetna -

From its home page; “Aetna is one of the nation's leading providers of health, dental, group, life, disability and long-term care benefits.”


Premier Access

One of the largest dental PPO (Preferred Provider) networks in California created by a group of dentists who are experts in the field.

Vision Insurance Providers


Eye and Vision Insurance -

An insurance broker with access to different insurance companies.



From it website: “At VSP, we’re dedicated to offering affordable, high-quality eyecare plans that put people first, support visual wellness and improve one’s quality of life. As the nation’s largest provider of exceptional eyecare coverage, more than one in 10 Americans rely on VSP for eyecare