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Daniel C. Orey, Principal Investigator and Project Coordinator


Awarded a 2003-2004 Pedagogy Enhancement Award from the Center for Teaching and Learning at California State University, Sacramento and a Preparing Mathematicians to Educate Teachers (PMET) Seed-Grant

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Numbers from 1 to 10 in Over 5000 Languages

The Algorithm Collection Project

"The Ethnomathematics of the Sioux Tipi and Cone" in Mathematics Across Culture: the History of Non-Western Mathematics . (Selin, H. Ed.). Dordrecht, Netherlands: Kulwer Academic Publishers

The Ethnomathematics of Vietnamese Algorithms


Prof. Quoc Phung 's Site

Paper Presented at the Third Conference of the  European Society for Research in Mathematics Education Bellaria, Italy

Long Division Algorithms Collected in the European Union

A Call to Action: Teacher Education and its Relationship to Ethnomathematics

Ethnomathematics as Pedagogical Action: Introducing Mathematical Modeling to Adolescent and Adult Learners

Mathematics as a Universal Language or Mathematics as a Collection of Dialects?

The Mayan Mat: Mathematical Modeling of an Ancient Number Pattern also

Um Estudo Etnomatemático das Esteiras (Pop) Sagradas dos Maias / Pop: An Ethnomathemtical Study of Sacred Mayan Mats

Papers, Talks, Translations / Papéis, Palestras, e Traduções

Fall 2002 Student Work

Dorothy and Jay's Contribution

For Proposed Special Issue of Educational Studies in Mathematics

Ethnomathematics and the Teaching & Learning of Mathematics from a Multicultural Perspective

Being bilingual may keep your mind young

Ma & Pa Kettle the video!

Finger Multiplication, the Lattice Method, and At-Risk Students

Support needed for ELL students in Mathematics vs Language Arts
From TODOS: Mathematical  Comparisons between U.S. and Latin American Countries

We are only too proud to be part of the Culturally Situated Design Tools Project, the Alliance for Excellence, and the Pesquisa em Etnomatemática / Research in Ethnomathematics - GEPEm / USP

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