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Here reside as many as I can find of Phil's fanfictions.

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http://members.xoom.com/Yoshiro_san/mother/ for Mother?!? (Slayers-Ranma 1/2)


http://www.geocities.com/~davidpascal/smj/stories.htm for Plasma Ghost (Saber Marionette J)

appear to have gone offline permanently some time ago, so I have searched those stories out of the FFML archive and the Wayback Machine and added them to the archive here.

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An Awakening of Demons (Ranma 1/2)

Chapter 1: Inheritance revised 2000-01-26

Chapter 2: Sea Legend Umibouzu revised 2000-01-26

Chapter 3: Assumption of Power revised 2000-01-27

Chapter 4: Preparations for War revised 2000-01-27

Chapter 5: Comes the Thunder revised 2000-01-28

Chapter 6: Falling (draft) 2000-01-28

Chapter 7: Shukumaru (draft) 2000-01-30

Chapter 8a: Shallow Lives (draft) 2000-02-17

Chapter 8b: The Red Game (draft) 2000-03-14

Chapter 9: Repercussions (draft) 2000-03-21

Chapter 10: Sleeping Dragons (draft) 2000-05-01

Chapter 11: Tenacity (draft) 2000-06-21

Chapter 12: White Shadows revised 2001-11-25

in progress

Character Information revised 2000-03-21

A World of Dreams (El-Hazard) 2001-12-16
Gendo, You Bastard! (Evangelion) 2000-03-25
A Sonata for the Sanada (Rurouni Kenshin) 2000-02-18
The Great Competition (Ranma/Battle Athletes fusion) 1999-12-02
Cross-Training (Slayers) 1999-11-27
Kyoto Blues (Rurouni Kenshin) 1999-11-26
Time's Promise (Maison Ikkoku) 1999-12-02
Songs: A Cadenza for Kasumi (Ranma 1/2) 1999-11-20
3022: A New Beginning (Ranma/Battletech fusion) 1999-11-09 incomplete
Hair of A Dog (Inu-Yasha) 1999-10-13
Mother?!? (Ranma 1/2 / Slayers) 1999-09-14
Nerima Weirdness (Ranma 1/2) 1999-08-24 incomplete
The Hunger (Slayers) 1999-07-14
No Need for Medichlorines (Tenchi Muyo!) 1999-06-22
Plasma Ghost (Saber Marionette J) 1999-05-27

Nabiki's War (Ranma 1/2)

Part 1: Shadows Over Za'hadu ... er ... Furinkan? Ranma in Trouble! 1999-05-13

Part 2: The Gathering of Shadows! Nabiki at Play! 1999-05-15

Part 3: Signs, portents and shadowy forebodings! Technical difficulties arise! 1999-05-27

Part 4: The Two Greatest Forces in the Universe Unite! Can Ranma Resist? 1999-06-07

Part 5a: The Advancement of Pawns! Akane Ascendant! 1999-08-24