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California State University, Sacramento  

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My Projects:
Research/Writing Collaborative  If you are an academic (graduate student, faculty, or independent scholar interested in communication, education and allied social sciences, you are invited to use and to join the collaborative. Click the title and poke around. (If you are on a mobile device, select "print layout" to make navigation easy.)
Using Google Suite (For course management. I distinguish "putting material online" from teaching. Most use of online tools--Blackboard, Google Suite, Moodle, D2L, etc.-- is primarily managing material not teaching. Let's learn to differentiate curriculum management and teaching in a clear-eyed fashion.)
Faculty Diversity Pipeline Workshop: "Teaching Beliefs and Practices" (June 2018) The program offers opportunities for participants to establish a professional network and provides coaching from experienced faculty and administrators.

My Information: CV, papers, presentations, links, etc.
  OSU logo Ph.D. 1987
Courses taught:
     Lower Division
ComS 4 Public Speaking
ComS 5 The Communication Experience
ComS 100B Critical Analysis of Messages
Upper Division
ComS 167 Systems and Theories of Rhetoric
ComS 168 Approaches to Rhetorical Criticism
ComS 207 Dyadic Communication 
ComS 213 Seminar in Criticism
Coms 221 Instructional Communication Theory
ComS 222 Instructional Communication Practicum

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Ghana: July 2015 Fulbright Specialist ProjectImproving Teaching and Learning Together
 University of Cape Coast    
UCC Centre for Teaching Support                    

Finland:April 2013 Suomi opettaa
(Finland Teaches): A blog of my trip to University of Jyvaskyla

CSUS Livingston Lecture
2014-2015 John C. Livingston Lecture Announcement
Are Two Heads Really Better Than One? Communication, Collaboration and Coalitions of Minds

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