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CMS PeopleSoft HR, Finance, & CS/SA Access

An approved request via the Common Access Request System (CARS) is required to add or update admin access to the campus PeopleSoft and Data Warehouse systems.


The CARS Request Process

  1. Contact your designated CARS requestor to initiate the access request.
  2. Your request will be forwarded to your immediate supervisor for approval.
  3. Stay tuned ― you’ll receive an email when your system access is implemented.

Enter a CARS Request

For Designated CARS Requesters

When you receive notification that a staff member is requesting access to PeopleSoft HR, SA and/or Finance, here’s how to enter the request:

  1. Open OnBase using one of the following supported browsers:
    • Internet Explorer (11 or above)
    • Firefox (45 or above) NOTE: if you receive a pop-up, click “Allow”
    • Google Chrome (49 or above)
  2. Login with your SacLink credentials.
  3. Click the “Document Retrieval” option at the top of the screen to access the drop-down.
  4. Select "New Form."
  5. On the left pane, under Form Name, select “CMS CARS Request.” The request form will appear in the main window.
  6. Enter the Employee ID of the individual you are requesting access for.
  7. User Information and Supervisor/Manager Information will autofill based off the employee number. Please verify that this information is correct. If the information does not autofill or is incorrect, please request your college administrative analyst to initiate the request.
  8. Select or start with one of role request tabs
    • Consolidated Finance System Role Request (CFS) and/or Delegation of Fiscal Authority(DOA)
    • Student Administration Role Request (SA)
    • Human Resources Role Requests (HR)
  9. Click on the Add button on the Low Risk Role Request bar
  10. In the new row below, choose the action (Add or Remove)
  11. Choose the role(s) needed in each of the 3 tabs
    • Choose Add or Remove from in the action column
    • Pick the role(s) needed from the role type column
    • Include any notes or special instruction
    • If user needs Delegatio of Fiscal Authority(DOA) authorizations, select Yes from the dropdown for "Add Delegation of Fiscal Authority" and proceed to add or remove the necessary department ids and the required authorizations
    • Save the form by clicking Submit at the bottom of the form.

Add or Remove Existing Roles

  1. Existing roles (high and low risk) will be listed in the “Current Roles” section of the form.
  2. To add or remove a role, select the “Add” icon under the High or Low Risk category heading. A drop-down menu will appear.
  3. Select the drop down for CFS/HR/SA Low (or High) Risk Role Action, and select “Add” or “Remove.”
  4. Select the drop down for CFS/HR/SA Low Risk Role Type, and choose a desired role.
  5. If needed, enter any special instructions or unlisted roles in the “Other Roles/Special Instructions” field.
  6. Submit your request. The form will be saved, submitted, and routed to the supervisor/manager of the requester for review and approval.