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Accessible Technology Initiative Division of Information Resources & Technology

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Accessible Web Content

Web Accessibility refers to implementation of best practices, universal design principles, and standards that support compliance with Section 508 and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) in order to eliminate barriers to users.


Stewardship of the Sacramento State website and digital experience is founded on the following guidelines and principles:

  • Accurate and Authoritative. Information presented on our digital platforms will be factually accurate and as current as practical. Authoritative content sources will be identified. Outdated information will be removed.
  • Relevance. Consumers of our digital platforms will quickly and easily find information that is relevant to their reason for visiting. Navigation will be developed based on analytics and user feedback.
  • Simplicity. The information found on our digital platforms will be concise and understood by the broadest segment of the intended audience by avoiding jargon, acronyms, etc
  • Compliance. Our digital platforms will meet all applicable state and federal regulations, including those regarding user accessibility.
  • Consistency. Sacramento State will have a singular visual and editorial style across its digital platforms that integrates with the University’s brand identity, and relies on best practices for writing content. Where applicable, authoritative sources for content will be identified to prevent duplication of information.
  • Timeliness. Trained staff who maintain digital platforms will make timely updates to the content within their scope and aspiring for content updates in near real-time.
  • Equity, Diversity & Inclusion. Sacramento State is a diverse campus committed to educational equity and the creation of an inclusive campus environment. Our digital experiences will reflect these values.


The Information Resources & Technology Web & Mobile Services team conducts accessibility and usability evaluations:

  • to facilitate accessible and useable experiences with both the CSUS campus website and embedded web applications within that environment
  • to remediate inaccessible web and application experiences
  • to ensure third-party procured web services and applications meet accessibility guidelines and standards.