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Academic Information Systems

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Academic Career Planning

All of these services can be accessed through the Academics section of the Student Center.

Access MySacState

Smart Planner

Available through the Student Center, Smart Planner is a planning and scheduling service that provides automated course selections, real-time progress to degree dashboards, and ensures that course requirements are met.

Sac State Scheduler

Also known as the Student Schedule Planner, this service allows students to add courses, breaks, and generate possible schedules that can be used to aid class registration decisions. You can generate viable and conflict-free semester schedules.

Progress to Degree

Progress meters provide students with a visual tool for viewing how much progress you're making towards your degree. This includes progress towards completing General Education and Major courses.

Financial Aid and Scholarships


AcademicWorks provides a central location where available university scholarships at Sacramento are accessed. There are over 600 scholarships awarded through the various selection committees through Colleges, Departments, and Organizations on campus.

Find Scholarships on AcademicWorks

Financial Aid Meter

Contained in CMS Campus Solutions, the Financial Aid (FA) Meter raises the awareness of financial aid lifetime limits and how they relate to graduation dates. The FA Meter is located in the Finances section of your Student Center.

Find Financial Aid Meter Information

Catalog and Scheduling

Astra Schedule

Managed by Space Management, Astra Schedule is the university's comprehensive event and facilities scheduling service. Information is provided by Catalog and Schedule in CMS SA.

View the Astra Schedule

Sac State Class Schedule

The Sac State Class Schedule provides public access to the university's course catalog, scheduled times, and available enrollments.

View the Sac State Class Schedule

Catalog and Schedule (CMS)

CMS Campus Solutions contains the official university course catalog and schedule. It gives departments the ability to add faculty to courses, units, and enter room and schedule information.

  • Generally, the Catalog and Schedule modles are only available for designated college staff and the University Registrar's office.

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Course Catalog (CourseLeaf)

Powered by CourseLeaf, the Course Catalog gives students information about courses offered. This includes information different academic programs, an A-Z course list, and General Education requirements.

View the Catalog

Curriculum Workflow (CourseLeaf)

Managed by the Office of Academic Services, Curriculum Workflow is used to analyze, facilitate, and monitor proposed changes to the university curriculum.

View the Curriculum Workflow Process

Grading and Registration

CMS Campus Solutions

Also known as CMS SA, CMS Campus Solutions stores and manages all student-related information for the university. In addition to driving grading and registration processes, it also provides data to many other university services such as the Student Center, Faculty Center, and Canvas.

  • Generally, Grading and Registration modules are only available for designated college staff and the University Registrar's office.

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