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PrintSmart FAQ's

Where can I print?

Update 1/31/22: Below are currently participating PrintSmart locations. Check back for availability as campus anticipates opening up additional locations soon.

Building Location(s) Printing Type
AIRC 2004 Computer Lab B/W + Color
Folsom Hall Common Area B/W
Lassen Hall 1st Floor Lobby B/W 
Library  1st Floor Lobby B/W
Library  2nd Floor Computer Lab  B/W + Color
Library  2nd Floor Reference Area B/W
Library  3rd Floor Study Area  B/W
Mendocino Hall 2004 Computer Lab  B/W
Mendocino Hall 2008 Computer Lab B/W
Tschannen Science Complex 1003 Collaboration Room B/W
University Union 1st Floor Computer Lab B/W + Color
University Union 2nd Floor Computer Lab  B/W 

How do I get a refund?

  1. While connected to eduroam, log in to PrintSmart.
  2. Click Recent Print Jobs.
  3. Find the job you are requesting a reprint for, and under Status, click Request Refund.
  4. Fill out the “Request Refund” form and press Send. If approved, credits will be returned to your OneCard account* within 1-2 business days.

Log in to PrintSmart

No cash refunds for prints/photocopies, or refunds for prints using your $9 print credit.

How much does printing cost?

Type of Printing 1st Side of Page 2nd Side of Page
B&W Printing $.08 $.06
Color Printing $.55 $.30

How do I load my OneCard?

OneCard Site

Glossary of Print Terms

Print Credits

Each Fall and Spring semester, all active students receive $9 in complimentary print credits on their OneCard to accommodate accidental prints, printer jams, or misprints.


  • Print credits carry no cash value, and cannot be refunded or credited.
  • Print credits are "use or lose" and don't rollover each semester.
  • Charges for prints begin after the full $9 in print credits have been used.
  • Students can load funds on their OneCard through the Sac State OneCard mobile app, online through their Student Center at My Sac State, or at any Hornet Bucks Station

Hornet Bucks

The funds that students load onto your OneCard to pay for items bought on campus or at other participating off campus partners.


The physical card that you receive from the University to serve as your student identification card (Student ID). You can swipe this card to enter Sac State events, and you can use it like a debit card if funds (Hornet Bucks) are loaded onto the card. This card can also be presented at various off campus locations for special student only deals and discounts.


The named used to refer to the whole student printing program including the devices and services.


The application that PrintSmart uses to manage and track printing services.