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Microsoft OneDrive

So long, thumb drives! Microsoft OneDrive is a secure* cloud-based document storage and online sharing solution. Whether you use it on your desktop, tablet, or mobile app, OneDrive allows you to store, upload/download, sync, and share various types of files across your devices, and with other people for easy collaboration.

* Microsoft 365 tools including OneDrive and SharePoint are not suitable for storing sensitive Level 1 data (social security #'s, Tax ID, or credit card information), and Level 2 data (birthdate, home address, etc.) stored within Microsoft 365 should only be shared with authorized individuals.


  • 1 TB of cloud storage
    How much is that exactly? Think 2,000,000 photos and around 6.5 million document pages. Nice!
  • Anywhere access across any device
    Access and work with your files on your mobile device, tablet, or laptop.
  • Offline access
    No internet? You can access selected files without being online.
  • Protect your files
    If you lose your device, you won’t lose anything you've saved in OneDrive.
  • Share and collaborate
    Share files, folders, and photos with quickly and easily. No more large email attachments or thumb drives - just send a link via email or text.

When should I use OneDrive?

  • You need anywhere access to your files
    Login to Microsoft 365 on any web browser - or download the mobile app - to access your files anywhere.
  • Your file is too large to send through email
    Skip the email send error and send a link to the location of your file instead.
  • Online collaboration
    Need to share and edit a document with someone - or even multiple - people? Share the link to invite others to join you to edit/comment in real-time, and with attributable tracked changes.
  • Use it as your "Scan to Cloud" destination with PrintSmart
    Be green and keep it on the screen by scanning from a PrintSmart machine to OneDrive.