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Network Administration

Our network team administers the connectivity components of our campus technology infrastructure. We ensure that networks, such as eduroam, are secure, performing as expected, and can communicate across the internet. If you're looking to add, modify, or change your network service, just let us know.

Network Service Management

Ports and Jacks

Also known as Ethernet ports, these physical connection points are essential in allowing your workstation and office phone to be a part of the campus network. We install and maintain these connection points to make sure that network service is delivered all throughout campus.

Request a New Network Jack

DNS, DHCP, and IP Addresses (DDI)

DNS, DHCP and IP address management (DDI) allows devices and services to identify and communicate with another, just like how we have names, locations, and phone numbers. We plan and manage the assignment of these resources so that you can find and get to where you need.

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Qty Wall Jack type Cost
1 CAT 6 $392.44
2 CAT 6 $627.90
3 CAT 6 $687.70
4 CAT 6 $748.65
1 CAT 5e $313.95
2 CAT 5e $483.00
3 CAT 5e $531.30
4 CAT 5e $555.45

Guidelines for multiple MAC requests comments

The use of network distribution devices on CSUS network is not allowed. These devices include hubs, repeaters, switches, routers, firewalls, and wireless access points. While these devices might work just fine when used in a home office environment, they are not intended for use as part of a large network such as CSUS network and may have adverse effects on the security and reliability of your devices.

The supported method of connecting multiple machines to CSUS network is to have a dedicated network drop installed for each machine. This gives you greater reliability and a higher quality of network service than using a hub, and it will not cause service problems for other users of the network.

Options for adding devices that require network connectivity are:

  • New wiring
    Network team will provide an estimate bases on a site survey, estimates and schedule installation upon approval
  • The network team can provide temporary loaner switches for special temporary (No more than 5 working days) occasions
    The request should be made through service desk and approved by ISO team before the network equipment can be installed.
  • Network switches are only approved for special purposes areas such as Computer LAB deployment or Computer repair stations on campus:
    The request should be made through service desk and approved by ISO team before the network equipment can be installed. The network support team will consult with the users to understand the need and authorized the use and supply the equipment based on a chargeback model.

Information Resources and Technology (IR&T) reserves the right to turn off network service to illegal devices (and any machines connected to such a device) in order to keep the network running smoothly for everyone.

Device Connectivity

Connectivity services ensure that devices on campus are properly configured, perform as expected, and secure to communicate with campus technology resources. This includes the following types of devices:

  • Facilities IoT Devices: Facilities and climate automation such as smart locks and thermostats.
  • Personal Smart Devices and Appliances: Home automation devices such as Alex, Google Home, and/or gaming consoles such as a PS4, Switch, or Xbox.
  • University Managed Devices: University workstations, phones, photocopier/fax machines, TVs, Kiosks, among many others.

Register Your Smart Device / Game Console

Wi-Fi Management

To meet growing campus needs, we continually improve the performance, coverage and security of our campus wireless network, eduroam. We also ensure that all equipment, software, and technologies work as expected.

Request a Wi-Fi Service Consultation

Underground Service Alert Utility Marking

Our Network team often partners with the Underground Service Alert to ensure common goals for safe digging and excavations. By marking underground network or power lines, we can help prevent damage to our campus network infrastructure.

Find Additional Safety Information