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Technology Procurement Division of Information Resources & Technology

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Submission Process

The Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Procurement Request Form is your final step in the evaluation process.

Step One: Complete The ICT Form

Step Two: Review Timeline

  1. Depending on the product/service being requested and its level of impact, approval may be required from one or more of the following reviewers: the IT/ATI Procurement Specialist, the Information Security Office, and/or the reviewing IT Administrator.
  2. If a full ICT accessibility/security review is needed, work with the vendor and the IT/ATI Procurement Specialist to obtain the information requested. NOTE: Full review could take up to eight weeks.
  3. After the ICT review has been completed, the requestor will receive a final approval email.

Step Three: Submit to Procurement

  1. If entering a requisition into CFS:
    • Use commodity code 91900
    • Upload approval PDF/document of approval email and other requested supporting documentation as an attachment to the CFS requisition, in the header comments.
    • Use the standard comment for ATI documents when attaching documents.
  2. If purchasing with a procurement card:
    • Email the approval PDF to the Procurement Buyer of Record for Procurement's pre-approval prior to purchase.
    • Print out the approval PDF and Procurement's approval email and attach them to your credit card statement.