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Course Remediation

The program supports a course remediation processes at the course level. Instructional Materials Remediation services would apply to inaccessible documents such as PDF’s, Word Documents, and PowerPoint presentations in order to provide accessibility to all users. Ensuring that your course materials are accessible to all users including those with disabilities, creates a more inclusive course design and is part of Universal Design for Learning.

This new service is possible through CARES funding which has enabled our program to hire a group of students assistants to complete the remediation work under supervision of our Universal Design Program Staff, to purchase software for use in the process of remediation and to outsource remediation if necessary, for special projects.

Schedule a Consultation on Your Course

Remediation Services

The program staff partners with faculty, managing a systematic workflow to achieve outcomes. As part of that workflow, we provide the following services:

  • Full-service course assessment to determine overall course accessibility
  • Development of timeline of delivery based on the accessibility assessment
  • Development of a file remediation plan, including assigning resources
  • Ongoing interaction and check-ins with faculty of record for course

Request Remediation Services

Faculty Commitment

To take advantage of this valuable campus resource, faculty:

  • Agree to understand the accessibility assessment and timeline
  • Engage with the project team regarding questions that may come up about materials to be remediated
  • Agrees to assist in remediation task(s) regarding content that requires their subject matter expertise (such as alternative descriptions of charts and graphs)

Please note: This service should not be used to replace any immediate accommodation needs/services for a student enrolled in your course. If you have a student enrolled in your course that has an immediate accommodation need, please contact the office of Services for Students with Disabilities SSWD.

How to Request Instructional Materials Remediation Services

To get started, faculty should use the Accessibility Report link in their Canvas course(s) to review the overall accessibility score for their course and individual course files.

If you need assistance with remediation, please:

Upon submitting your request, a Universal Design Program staff member will contact you to develop a timeline of delivery based on the accessibility assessment of your course and a file remediation plan. Remediation turnaround time will vary across requests and is dependent on the number of materials submitted and the accessibility health of these materials.