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Web Publishers: Essential Information

Essential Information

The "WCM" (Web Content Management system) hosts the majority of online content in the CSUS ecosystem.

WCM Cascade Log-In

Web & Mobile Services provides an online library of instructional material for the WCM you can reference in the Web Publishing Knowledge Base.

Web Publishing Knowledge Base Articles

Siteimprove can help you manage the quality and accessibility of your web content.

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The Web & Mobile Services Team is continuously working to improve the editing experience for web publishers and usability for site visitors.

See What's New in the WCM

Becoming A WCM Publisher

If you or a member of your team need access or specific provisioning to the Web Content Management system (WCM), have your manager complete the Request WCM Access form on your behalf. Additionally, all users must first complete an online Canvas course, demonstrating an acceptable level of understanding of accessibility standards and usability best practices prior to being provisioned into the WCM.

  1. Web Publisher Canvas Course
  2. Request WCM Access (may require Dean/designee approval)


  • Completing this course is required to gain edit permissions.
  • Bi-annual recertification will be required to maintain publishing privileges.
  • If you are not provisioned, you can contact the Web Publisher in your area to make changes to your website or submit a service ticket.
  • Additional steps are required to manage a campus Trumba events calendar.

Request Training, Support & New Pages

We are happy to provide training and consultation, better preparing you for working on your department or college webpages.

If you are looking to request a new page, please review the information in the Requesting New Pages Knowledge Base article and include it when submitting the service ticket.

  1. Review requirements for Requesting New Pages.
  2. Review the site inventory to confirm a similar page doesn't already exist.
  3. Request a New Page

Google Analytics Dashboard

Google Analytics help us manage the quality and quantity of website traffic, and provides insights on how to increase the visibility of a website or a web page to search engines. See how your webpage is doing by requesting a report or by visiting the pageview dashboard.

Google Analytics Dashboard

WCM Template Guide

When creating a webpage in the WCM, you can choose from several templates. The WCM Template Guide highlights each template’s content options. To view the guide, you must be logged in to the VPN.

View Template Guide

Campus Web Address Guidelines

Web Publisher Meetings

Before the beginning of each semester, the Web & Mobile Services team hosts a Web Publisher Meeting to review new features in the WCM and answer any questions from our web publishers. You can watch recordings of past meetings below.

Web Publisher Meeting Recordings

Web & Accessibility Training Workshops