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International Student Tuition and Fee Information

For a complete breakdown of tuition and campus fees, please visit the Bursar's Office. For approximate breakdown of costs for international students, please visit our enrollment costs and fees page.

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How do I Pay for University Tuition and Fees?

You may pay for university tuition and fees by personal check, overseas banker’s draft, online via Flywire, certain credit cards, traveler’s checks, and cash (not recommended). Payments should be made to “California State University, Sacramento”.

Can I Wire Transfer my Tuition and Fees?

Sac State has partnered with Flywire to provide our international students with an easy, fast, and secure method of sending international tuition payments.

When should I Pay Tuition and Fees?

Please be sure to pay only AFTER you have registered in classes. Please carefully review the due date and refund policy before paying. Payment through Flywire prior to registration may trigger an automatic refund.

Is there a refund deadline?

Yes. It is critical that students "drop" excess courses prior to stated payment deadlines. Refunds will NOT be issued for courses dropped after the second week of each semester.

Is there an an Installment Plan?

Yes. There are two types of installment plans. One is for Resident Tuition and Fees and the other is for Non-resident tuition. Please see the Bursar's Office for more details on the due dates and fees associated with these plans.

I see a $25 Late Registration Fee on my account. Am I required to pay this?

If you are a newly admitted international student, you are not required to submit the late registration fee during their first semester of attendance. The late registration fee will be waived for your first semester of study only. Late registration in a subsequent semester may incur a late registration fee.

I am sponsored by a third party (e.g. SACM, CBIE). How do I have Sacramento State bill for my tuition?

Please make sure the Bursar's Office has updated sponsorship information (financial guarantee) regarding your scholarship prior to the start of the semester. Your financial guarantee must cover the dates of the entire semester. Please make sure to submit your financial guarantee according to the regular tuition deadlines to avoid enrollment cancellation.