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Professional Activities, January-March 2021

Dian Baker, Nursing, along with three co-authors, recently had the article, "Oral care as prevention for non-ventilator hospital-acquired pneumonia: A four-unit cluster randomized study" accepted by the American Journal of Nursing. Dian also will present "What's New in Prevention of Nonventilator Hospital-Acquired Pneumonia," at the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) conference in June.

Dian Baker, Nursing, was co-author on a national white paper: "Non-Ventilator Hospital-Acquired Pneumonia: A Call to Action. Recommendations from the National Organization to Prevent Hospital Acquired Pneumodia (NOHAP) among Non-Ventilated Patients," which was submitted to the journal Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology. NVHAP is an underrecognized significant patient safety issue placing 35 million patients at risk for hospital complications, including death. The annual cost of NVHAP to the U.S. healthcare system exceeds $3 billion. NOHAP with membership from the CDC, The Joint Commission, US Veteran’s Health, AHRQ, and over 20 national healthcare leaders, was formed in 2020 to call for action in addressing the leading hospital acquired infection, non-ventilator associated hospital acquired pneumonia (NVHAP). The white paper urges the healthcare community to: a) establish the need for hospitals and long-term care facilities to track NVHAP, b) ensure that evidence-based prevention measures are followed, c) provide ongoing education and training for direct care staff, d) monitor staff adherence to infection control practices, and e) engage patients and their caretakers in prevention efforts.

Big Data, a generative video poem by Dr. Diego Bonilla, Communication Studies, and Dr. Rodolfo Mata, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, has been included in multiple competitive exhibitions and festivals on 3 continents. The artwork speaks to the dangers of mixing big data research methodologies with persuasion-related pursuits. It also demonstrates, by offering an endless number of different semantically and grammatically correct video poems, that audiovisual media can be created on-the-fly to satisfy specific human-determined parameters. The generative video poem and more information can be found at

  • Competitive festivals: Newlyn PZ International Film Festival 2020, Penzanse, United Kingdom (March 2020) / ARTS and Sustainable Development Goals Online Festival, Brooklyn, USA (April 2020) / Cadence Video Poetry Festival, Seattle, USA (April 2020) / Hello World, Transcultural Exchange, Boston, USA (June 2020) / Athens Digital Arts Festival, Athens, Greece (July-Sep, 2020) / 4° Festival ECRÃ of Audiovisual Experimentations, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Aug, 2020) / The Banality of Evil in our Daily Lives, Berlin, Germany (Sep-Oct, 2020) / International Poetry Film Festival of Thuringia, Bauhaus University Weimar and the Literary Society Thuringia, Weimar, Germany (Oct, 2020) / The 2020 Film and Video Poetry Symposium, Pasadena, USA (Oct-Dec 2020) / Festival de Cortometraje Universitario, Universidad Vasco de Quiroga, Morelia, México (Nov, 2020) / Festival Fotogenia, Posgrado de Arte y Diseño, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (Nov, 2020) / Festival Internacional de Videopoesía Videobardo, Buenos Aires, Argentina (TBD, 2021)
  • Museums: CSUS Arts and Letters Faculty Exhibition, Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, USA (Oct-Nov 2019) / Web Biennal Apeiron, Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum, Istanbul, Turkey (May 2020) / The FL3TCH3ER Exhibit, Socially and Politically Engaged Art, Reece Museum, East Tennessee State University, Tennessee, USA (Oct-Dec 2020)
  • Academic Publication and Presentations: Publication – FLAT Journal, UCLA Department of Design Media Arts and Carnegie Mellon University School of Art (2020). Presentations – Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaires sur les Mondes Ibériques Contemporains, Sorbonne Université, Paris, France (2019) / Feria Internacional del Libro del Estado de México, Toluca, México (2019)

Mya Dosch, Art, has published a book chapter, "Encouraging Intervention: Project-Based Learning with Problematic Public Monuments," in the 2021 book Teachable Monuments: Using Public Art to Spark Dialogue and Confront Controversy, published by Bloomsbury Visual Arts. The chapter draws on Dosch's book research on interventions into monuments in Mexico City, her public lectures on Confederate monuments and white supremacy in the United States, and her experience in teaching public art courses. More information available at

Darryl Omar Freeman, Ethnic Studies, will participate on a panel at the Fair Housing for Our Future 28th Annual Laws and Litigation Conference, celebrating 53 years of the Fair Housing Act; a virtual conference online February 10-12, 2021. The panel is titled "Promoting and Protecting Housing Civil Rights of Native Americans and Indigenous People." His presentation will be on “Developing Cultural Competency - Building Relationships- Restoring Trust and Addressing the Digital Divide for Effective Outreach, Education and Enforcement.”

Dr. Frances Furio and Dr. Francis Yuen, Social Work, recently published an article titled “Normative Expectations on Childbearing: A Study of Reproductive Justice” in Early Child Development and Care. This study aims to bring reproductive justice issues to a more in-depth discussion within the field of social work and to explore social work students’ understandings and perspectives on these important issues.

Dr. Laura Gaeta, Communication Sciences and Disorders, has co-authored with Rachel Keiko Stark, MS, AHIP, University Library, an article titled “Methodological Considerations for Auditory Training Interventions for Adults with Hearing Loss: A Rapid Review,” published by the American Journal of Audiology.

Dr. Erin Green, Physical Therapy, was selected as the Centennial Scholar by the American Council of Academic Physical Therapy (ACAPT). ACAPT is the educational branch of the American Physical Therapy Association. The APTA Centennial Scholars Program is designed to build a cadre of future association leaders. Her selection indicates that ACAPT considers Dr. Green to be among the most promising junior faculty members in the country. Dr. Green joined the Doctor of Physical Program at Sacramento State in 2019. She teaches in the orthopedics segment of the curriculum and her Centennial Scholar Project involves analysis of the feasibility of developing a clinical education management system.

Darcy Fudge Kamal, Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship, and her two co-authors published the article "When the weak are mighty: A two-sided matching approach to alliance performance," in Strategic Management Journal. The work draws on extensive data she collected on business partnerships in the Thoroughbred horse industry.

Dr. Jamie Kneitel, Biological Sciences, recently published two articles:

  • With former graduate student Randall Kido based on his master's thesis: Kido, R. R. & J. M. Kneitel. "Eutrophication effects differ among functional groups in vernal pool invertebrate communities." It was published in the journal Hydrobiologia.
  • With Brazilian collaborators, including Emerson Vieira (who did his sabbatical in the Kneitel lab in 2018-19): de Camargo, N. F., G.G. Reis, A.C.L. Camargo, G. B. Nardoto, J. M. Kneitel & E. M. Vieira. 2021. "Seasonal isotopic niche of a rodent: high between-individual variation but no changes in individual niche width during the rich-resource period." Biotropica:

Dr. Jamie Kneitel, Biological Sciences, recently published an article with collaborators from North and South America: Pires, M. M., M. G. Grech; C. Stenert, L. Maltchik; L. B. Epele, K. I. McLean, J. M. Kneitel, D. A. Bell, H. S. Greig, C. R. Gagne & D. P. Batzer. 2021. "Does taxonomic and numerical resolution affect the assessment of invertebrate community structure in New World freshwater wetlands?" Ecological Indicators 125:

Dr. Susanne Lindgren, Biological Sciences, authored an article titled How to Create Space for Students with Disabilities to Learn,” published by the American Society for Microbiology and available free online. The article highlights the NSF finding that nearly 20% of STEM undergraduates have a reported disability, the importance of Universal Design, and discusses methods that we can use to be attentive to all of our students' needs so that they can learn and thrive in both lecture and lab.

Marcus Marsh, Mathematics emeritus and dedicated topology researcher, has been selected as an editor of the Houston Journal of Mathematics (HJM), a top international journal that publishes refereed articles in a wide variety of mathematical areas. Dr. Marsh’s area of expertise is continuum theory, an area in topology that has fundamental influence on many branches of mathematics and science.  Dr. Marsh’s primary research focus has been on fixed points in continua. Because of his many outstanding results, Dr. Marsh is internationally recognized as a leading authority in his area. Details of his impressive research work can be found at When Dr. Marsh came to Sacramento State in 1981, he joined another active topologist, Dr. Charles Hagopian.  Since that time, they have been joined by another topologist, Dr. Janusz Prajs, and all have made significant contributions to mathematics. The University Library has a complete set of HJM issues.  Dr. Marcus Marsh’s name will appear as communicator at the top of each article he accepts for publication. His name and University affiliation will be on the Board of Editors List in each issue.

Dr. Jian-Zhong “Joe” Zhou, University Library, is the co-author and the corresponding author of “Higher education and family background: Which really matters to individual’s socioeconomic status in China.” It will be published in March 2021 by Elsevier Journal of International Education Development. Thanks to CSU libraries and Elsevier’s contract for open access, CSU authors are waived of $2,000 open access gold package article fees in 2020 and 2021. Under the open access, this article is available online on at and authors retain the right to post the article on his/her personal web or author’s institutional repository.

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