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Sac State offers guaranteed admission to graduating seniors in the Elk Grove Unified School District

Sacramento State is contacting over 2,000 students in the Elk Grove Unified School District who are eligible for admission to the University but who have yet to complete applications, as part of a "guaranteed admissions” pilot program. Pictured: A campus tour visits Lassen Hall, which houses several student services. (Sacramento State file/Jessica Vernone)

Sacramento State is reaching out to over 2,000 students in the Elk Grove Unified School District (EGUSD) eligible for admission to the University but who have yet to complete applications.

The “guaranteed admissions” initiative is a pilot program that reflects the Sac State’s commitment to serving high school students in the area who may be unaware that they are eligible to attend, administrators said. The University has a similar program for community college students.

“Sacramento State is creating innovative initiatives to make sure students graduating from high school have a direct pathway to higher education,” President Luke Wood said. “I’m excited about this partnership with the Elk Grove school district and look forward to serving all of the students in the Sacramento region.”

Admissions Director Brian Henley said the University plans to offer guaranteed admission to other area school districts soon.

“Elk Grove is our largest feeder district, so it made sense to start with them,” said Henley.

“Sacramento State is committed to serving the students in this area,” he said. “We know that students from first-generation and traditionally underrepresented backgrounds and their parents may not be aware of all of the higher education opportunities available to them.”

Christopher Hoffman, EGUSD’s superintendent, expressed gratitude for the University’s efforts.

“Sac State’s commitment to accessible education is truly exceptional and will help shape brighter futures for all our students,” he said.

Henley worked with Nicole Brown, head counselor in the Elk Grove district, to identify 2,200 graduating seniors who are eligible for admission to Sac State based on their GPAs and coursework but had yet to apply.

The district then emailed eligible students and their parents offering conditional admission for the Fall 2024 semester, encouraging them to apply, and reminding them that Sac State has “a robust offering of federal and state financial aid as well as scholarships.”

Students can submit their applications by clicking on a link in the message.

The application deadline is May 1.

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