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Event Parking

UTAPS is here to help provide a welcoming environment for event attendees. The following parking information should be helpful when planning events at Sac State. Updated: March 2018

Pre-Paid Advanced Permits

If you would like to purchase permits for less than 25 event attendees, visit the UTAPS office to purchase $7 daily ‘scratcher’ permits in advance. You may mail these permits to attendees in advance or distribute at the event.

If you would like to purchase permits for 25 or more event attendees, UTAPS will issue a coupon code for you to distribute to your attendees (email, text, event page). The event parking rate is $3 for each coupon code use.

Request An Event Parking Quote

  1. Login to the Sac State Parking Portal.
  2. Click “Request Event Parking”.
  3. Submit the Event Parking Request form.

UTAPS will issue an event parking quote with payment instructions within one business day.

Planning A Special Event On Campus

Contact UTAPS during initial event planning to determine the most effective parking time to hold the event.

The following off-peak parking times are best:

  • After 4:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday
  • All Day, Friday through Sunday
  • Finals Week
  • Summer, Spring Recess, and Winter Intersession
  • Academic Holidays

Contact UTAPS

Additional Resources for Event Organizers

Parking Enforcement Officer A parking enforcement officer($35/hour, three hour minimum) may be hired to cordon off parking spaces, greet visitors and allow access to a parking lot with the appropriate event parking permit.

Information Service Provider An information service provider ($25/hour, three hour minimum) will staff an information booth beyond standard operation hours to provide directions and distribute event parking permits.

Event Signage All signs on campus need to be approved by Student Organizations and Leadership before they can be displayed and must adhere to the University Policy Manual posting requirements. More information about posting signs on campus can be found in the Student Organization and Leadership handbook. UTAPS does not create, provide or display signs on campus. Contact Reprographics for sign services.


Buses must drop off and pick up passengers on Stadium Way, between the Broad Field House and the Alumni Center. Buses are never allowed to park in nor utilize the SacRT Transit Center at the front of campus.

  • Monday through Thursday: Buses must park off-campus at 3001 Ramona Ave.
  • Friday through Sunday: Buses must park in Lot 9 or Lot 10.
  • Summer session: Buses must park in Lot 7.

For the most up-to-date information on bus parking, contact the UTAPS office at