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California State University, Sacramento

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California State University, Sacramento

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Digital Sign Network

SacConnect digital signs on campus

Welcome to SacConnect. Sacramento State's digital sign network is designed to communicate important and sometimes critical information to students, faculty and staff.

SacConnect consists of high-tech digital signs strategically located on campus to help bring safety and emergency messages and other information of interest to the campus community.

SacConnect and all digital signs connected to the network will provide the campus community emergency messaging and information about campus events, activities and services. University Marketing will provide other University entities the opportunity to request posting on the campus digital signs at no cost.

Core Requirements of All Campus Digital Signage

SacConnect and all internal and external digital signs on campus will provide the campus community with:

  • Emergency messaging

  • Information about campus events, activities and services

Please refer to the Guidelines and Policies before submitting a message.


SacConnect Guidelines and Policies

The Office of University Marketing manages digital messaging on exterior campus digital signs. Department administrators are responsible for messages on television monitors and electronic or digital signs inside campus buildings. These indoor and outdoor boards are a means of communicating important information.Management of the signs includes responsibility for maintaining message submission guidelines and oversight, as well as a list of currently running messages; and being the point of contact for IRT issues, damage to the signs and general questions from the campus community.

Approval process for external signage messages

University Marketing will review and approve or deny all exterior digital sign purchase, placement and message requests. Decisions should be made on the basis of compliance with the core requirements of campus electronic signage and the content submission policy. The understanding is that messages should be limited to avoid digital "pollution." All decisions are final.

Policy for Digital Signs on Campus

The digital signs provide the campus community with emergency messaging and information about campus events, activities and services. University Marketing provides other University entities the opportunity to request posting of information that benefits Sacramento State students and the campus community on the campus digital signs at no cost. Because the signs pIay a major role in alerting the campus to emergency situations, individual monitors must not be turned off during normal operation hours.

Content Submission Policy

To be considered for posting on the exterior digital signs, submissions must meet the following criteria:
  • Be in compliance with the University's strategic messaging and goals
  • Be of broad interest to the campus community
  • Be campus-sponsored rather than campus-hosted
  • Not be endorsing a political issue or candidate
  • Be in compliance with established University logo and communication standards
  • No commercial or other for-profit messages
  • Be in trademark compliance
Priority will be given to:
  • Campus emergency messages
  • Events that have academic applications, such as college-based lectures, performances and exhibits, as opposed to purely entertainment-based events
  • Events that would benefit from audience generation, such as those where tickets are sold through the Sacramento State Ticket Office and are offered by the volunteers of UNIQUE and ASI
  • Events that support the campus strategic plan

Examples of Acceptable Content

  • Emergency notices
  • Public service notices (flooding, parking structure closures, etc.)
  • Academic notices (registration and payment deadlines, class schedule changes, etc.)
  • Special events (lectures, plays, concerts, annual addresses)
  • Student, faculty and staff awards
  • Scheduled maintenance that affects a large area of the campus or a great number of students

Restricted Content

  • Messages that promote or condone behavior that violates University or CSU policies, or local, state or federal law
  • References to the sale or consumption of alcohol or other drugs
  • Personal messages and messages that are considered inappropriate
  • Advertisement of commercial products or services
  • Messages that include the copyrighted or trademarked works of others
  • Political messages for candidates or local, state or federal measures and bills (see exception below)

Interior Signage

For the existing digital signs/monitors in buildings (or in buildings such as The WELL, where investments in licensing and software have been made already), content will continue to be added and monitored by current sign managers using the criteria listed above.Facility managers will be responsible for posting Emergency Notification System messages for any monitors or signs that are not integrated with ENS. Every effort is to be made, however, to integrate all digital signage with ENS.

Submission Policy

To be considered for posting on the interior digital signs, submissions must meet the following criteria:
  • Be focused on the specific activities and mission of the respective building or entity with oversight and use of digital sign(s)
  • Be campus-sponsored rather than campus-hosted (with the exception of room signs, which will list events taking place in that room)
  • Not be endorsing political issues or candidates; no commercial or other for-profit messages
  • Be in trademark compliance


When a candidate for political office comes to campus, neither the campus nor the hosting facility is taking a political position for or against a candidate. The candidate's presence on campus is strictly educational, and similar opportunities are to be offered to all candidates. Posting the event on an electronic sign board does not make the posting political.


Establishment of Future Signs

Any proposed additional exterior digital signs on campus must be approved by University Marketing, as well as the University president.
All new campus signage must integrate with the Emergency Notification System to ensure timely safety communication with the campus community.

Submit a SacConnect Message

Use the form to send us information on your event, research and other campus activities for the SacConnect campus sign network. This form will be used by University Marketing to determine if your submission fits the criteria of the Posting Policy. Requests must be submitted at least fourteen (14) days in advance of an event. For more information, call (916) 278-6156 or e-mail.

Sacramento State's Highway 50 digital sign

The Sacramento State digital sign, located along Highway 50 at the south end of campus, is used to communicate important information to the community. For inquiries about the Highway 50 sign, please email