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K-12 Undocu Ally Training

This training is for educators, counselors, administrators, and others working with undocumented students at the K-12 level. It helps viewers learn about students’ experiences and how to be supportive. The training consists of a pre-recorded video and a discussion guide to facilitate group conversation and/or personal reflection. The video features expert scholars, educators, and undocumented students who share their experiences and provide practical recommendations for support. The training can be used for individual viewing and/or to facilitate group trainings.

K-12 Undocu-Ally Training Guide

K-12 Undocu Ally Training Video

Undocumented Stress Cycle Webinar Series

This four-part webinar series is for professionals seeking to support the well-being of young people impacted by undocumented status. In the series, Dr. Basia Ellis, sociocultural psychologist, immigration scholar, and Associate Professor of Child and Adolescent Development at Sacramento State, introduces the “undocumented stress cycle.” Dr. Ellis discusses helpful, research-informed practices for educators and other professionals to support undocumented and mixed-status young people.

  • Webinar 1: Understanding the Undocumented Stress Cycle
  • Webinar 2: Psychological First Aid and Immediate Support for Young People Impacted by Undocumented Status
  • Webinar 3: From Concern to Community: Social Supports to Heal and Promote Self-Determined Lives
  • Webinar 4: Healthy Activism and Long-Term Well-Being: What does it take?