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Dreamer Resource Center Division of Student Affairs

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Student Services

Support Services:

  • Ways to navigate college as an undocumented student
  • Graduate school as an undocumented student
  • Opportunities available to undocumented students with/without DACA
  • Financial and academic guidance
  • Peer Mentorship Program
  • Peer Counseling
  • Fellowship and volunteer opportunities
  • Scholarship application assistance
  • Resume and cover letter building
  • Connections to other support programs on campus
  • DRC Scholarship

Dreamer Experience Seminar

The Dreamer Experience Seminar is a two-unit asynchronous course designed to help undocumented students, students from mixed-status families, and students from immigrant backgrounds navigate college and obtain their degrees. The course accomplishes the following:

  • Introduces students to the functions and resources of the University
  • Meet weekly with a peer mentor who answers questions, provides resources, and checks in
  • Builds a community of academic and personal support
  • Provides a space for storytelling and professional development

Fall 2024 Registration

Dream Leader Fellowship Program

The Dream Leaders Fellowship is a yearlong program (fall and spring) that promotes and fosters personal, academic, and professional development among undocumented students and students with mixed-status families at Sacramento State. Each semester, fellows will participate in a hands-on/experiential learning project of their choice, focused on one of five areas related to uplifting immigrant communities: 1). civic engagement and advocacy; 2). college access and educational equity; 3). diversity, intersectionality, and inclusion; 4). arts and culture; or 5). basic needs. Fellows also have the opportunity to serve as peer mentors for students served by the Dreamer Resource Center.

Outreach and Admissions

Incoming first-year students and transfer students receive ongoing support through the admissions process as early as the start of their senior year and transferring semester through the Dreamer Resource Center’s Outreach Fellowship. DRC Staff assists and follows up with students to ensure that they are taking the right steps towards college readiness through support with the following processes:

  • Cal State Apply
  • CA Dream Act Application/FAFSA
  • University documents

Along with any other questions or concerns students may have along the way.

For outreach inquiries, please contact DRC Program Coordinator, Kimberly Gomez

DRC Student Emergency Grant

The grant helps students remain in school when the completion of their college education is threatened by financial circumstances that are out of their control. The DRC Student Emergency Grant is administered by the Dreamer Resource Center in accordance with applicable University rules and policies. Funding for the program comes from the help of generous donors. Eligible students must have a minimum of a 2.0 GPA, be in good academic standing, be AB540 eligible, and have a short-term financial hardship.

DRC Student Emergency Grants reimburse students for actual expenses; therefore, the grant amount will vary. Students will be awarded a maximum of two Emergency Grants per academic year. The maximum award amount is $1,750 per academic year

Student Emergency Grant Form

In partnership with the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA), the DRC offers free immigration legal consultations and immigration services to Sac State students, staff, faculty, and immediate family members. To register for an appointment or one of the services listed below, call (916)-278-7734 or email

One-on-One Immigration Consultations

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays via Zoom

  • Discuss immigration matters in an individual setting
  • Speak with an attorney or CHIRLA accredited representative

DACA Renewals

Time/date varies

  • Assistance with DACA renewal application
  • Complete the application and submit required documentation
  • Caseworker will contact you in about 2 days to begin the process

CHIRLA Representative of the Day

Fridays, 10:30 am - 12:30 pm

  • Zoom Office Hours
  • General information, quick questions, case updates, or resources
  • Connect with an attorney or a CHIRLA accredited representative

First Time DACA Applications

Wednesdays, 3 pm

  • Weekly DACA virtual legal clinics for first-time applicants
  • Learn about DACA requirements and how to determine eligibility

Note: Currently, first-time applications will not be processed by USCIS, but they will accept them. To learn more, visit this clinic.

Dream Connections

Tuesdays | 2:30 - 3:30 pm | River Front Center 1031 A

Dream Connections is a social support group that provides a space for meaningful interaction and connection among undocumented students, students with mixed-status families, and allies at Sacramento State. The group meets weekly to explore various topics from undocumented or immigrant status perspectives. Sessions also include self-care activities and resources to alleviate stress and promote well-being. Lunch is provided. Kimberly Gomez, Program Coordinator of the Dreamer Resource Center, facilitates the sessions.

Undocu-Grad Recognition

Friday | May 3, 2024 | 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm

Location: Elderberry and Beattle Room

The mission of the Dreamer Resource Center is to help undocumented and mixed-status students make the dream of obtaining a college degree a reality. Students impacted by undocumented status overcome unique obstacles in their journey to graduation, and their accomplishments must be acknowledged. The Undocu-Grad Recognition Dinner celebrates undocumented and mixed-status students as they complete their degrees. The event honors graduates and their loved ones in a safe, supportive, and empowering environment. It includes a sit-down dinner, keynote speakers, and graduate recognitions. Students can invite up to four guests, and free parking will be provided. Participation is free to graduating students (Fall 2023, Spring 2024, Summer 2024) from all academic levels (undergrad, masters, doctoral).

Register Now!

Hummingbird Closet

Pop Up Dates: February 21-23, March 12-14, April 16-18, and May 6-8

Location: River Front Center 1031 A

The Dreamer Resource Center (DRC) aims to assist students with meeting their basic needs. It acknowledges how essential it is for the community to access seasonal wear and professional clothing. The Hummingbird Closet is a free pop-up closet launched with generous donations from staff, faculty, and community members. It is located inside the DRC, and free, gently used clothes, shoes, and miscellaneous items are available to the Hornet family.

Note: To donate, please contact prior to dropping off items. Our storage is limited, so we can only accept a limited number of donations every month.

Dreamer Resource Center Socials

Location: River Front Center 1031 A

The Dreamer Resource Center helps undocumented and mixed-status students build community and develop a sense of belonging. Community building at the DRC is designed to support this population's bond with one another in a social capacity. The DRC socials allow students to explore their creativity and identity. A short informational presentation on the importance of artwork, identity, and community will also be available at every social.