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The Educational Opportunity Program Division of Student Affairs

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Current Students

Academic Success and Recovery Program

The EOP Academic Success and Recovery Program is designed to help students complete their path to graduation by providing resources and study strategies. It is also designed to assist students who are experiencing academic challenges.

Academic Success and Recovery Program Information


ARISE stands for “Aiming Retention Intensive Services for Excellence!” It utilizes the hot air balloon and sun rays to symbolize an idea of a positive outlook, uplifting spirit, and helping others. The program is comprised of several components from academic advising to personal development and community engagement.

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Career and Major Exploration

EOP provides comprehensive career services to support a student’s journeys to declaring a major and pursuing a fulfilling career. We are committed to providing students with the essential information needed to declare a major and create a path for success.

Career and Major Exploration Information

First Year Experience

The first-year advising program strives to assist students as they transition from high school into the college environment. The program is committed to supporting students academically and socially as they start their path to university life.

First-Year Advising Program Information

Full Circle Advising

The Full Circle Project (FCP) is an academic retention program that addresses and supports the diverse needs and interests of Sacramento State’s Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) students as well as other high need students. The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) serves California residents from low-income households who demonstrate the motivation and potential to earn a baccalaureate degree. Incoming AAPI first-year students often apply to both programs to receive the most opportunities and support as they transition from high school to Sacramento State. Academic advising is an integral program service that many students can benefit from in their educational, professional, personal, and leadership developments. Any accepted incoming FCP first-year students that are also accepted to EOP will follow the EOP first-year advising requirement.

Full Circle Project Advising Information

Junior Advising Program

As students approach their junior year, they transition from the “Sophomore Success” advising component of the ARISE project and begin to work with a faculty advisor in their academic major and began their path to towards their careers. The ARISE website continues to serve as an added resource for our juniors in the EOP program.

Junior Advising Program Information

Senior Success Program

We have developed this senior resource site specifically for you. As a senior getting ready to graduate, you may not be thinking about the world outside college? EOP would like to help prepare you for the next chapter of your life.

EOP senior students are required to complete one advising session per academic year. Seniors will be meeting with the EOP academic advising staff to help them understand their progress to degree completion, career or graduate school paths, connect with campus resources, and plan for post-graduation from Sacramento State.

Senior Resources

Sophomore Success Program

The EOP Sophomore Success Program is designed to aid students as they continue to transition into their second academic year, offering all-encompassing advising, comprehensive career development services, and leadership opportunities.

Sophomore Success Program Information