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Hornet Family Study Care

A Grant and Saturday Day Camp

Sacramento State receives a grant from the U.S. Department of Education called CCAMPIS, which stands for “Child Care Access Means Parents in School.” This federal funding exists to help students who are eligible to receive a Pell grant with services related to childcare. CCAMPIS funds are most often used to pay for on-campus childcare or to provide childcare vouchers. Sac State’s childcare voucher program—which can be used at a variety of locations, including the ASI Children’s Center on campus—is called the Hornet Family Study Care Grant.


Forthcoming Services

Hornet Family Study Care Day Camp (coming Fall 2020)

  • Free
  • On-campus
  • For children ages 5-15
  • Select Saturdays during the Fall Semester
  • Limited to the first 21 participants to sign up
  • 3 professional staff
  • Interactive, fun and educational activities
  • COVID Precautions: Social distancing and other cleaning measures will be used; activities will be outside as much as possible

Hornet Family Study Care Tech Supplies Assistance

  • Laptop or other technology purchase assistance

Current Services

Hornet Family Study Care Grant

  • Semester agreement
  • Pays 50% of your out-of-pocket childcare cost
  • Must be for a licensed childcare provider (center or in-home)
  • You provide us the invoice
  • You provide a monthly update (phone, video, email) regarding school/academics and any barriers you are encountering at Sac State
  • 1-hour intake appointment required, where we gather:
    • Invoice or contract from childcare provider, including:
      • Childcare provider business name, mailing address (for check payment)
      • The name, phone, email of a person who deals with accounting
      • Your child’s name, age, rough childcare schedule
      • Monthly payment estimate for the semester
    • We will provide an agreement to you for you to sign to get you enrolled in the grant

**It is up to the student to schedule the monthly check-ins, and to provide us with monthly invoices so we can pay your bill.

  • We are a third-party payment system
  • We often speak with childcare providers to explain our delayed processing timelines and ask if they will allow you to pay half and know that our half of the payment will be coming, but always arrive 2-3 weeks late. Some providers will do this; some won’t. If the childcare provider will not make such an arrangement, the checks provided act as a deposit to be used for future months into your account at the childcare center.