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Pregnant Students

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

If you are a pregnant scholar at Sac State of any level (BA/BS, MA/MS, Doctorate), follow these steps to inform the campus of your pregnancy and to get support in planning your academic continuity.

Pregnant Students

Pregnant students, please fill out this form so we can have a more informed conversation about your plans and perspective around academics and having your child.

Pregnant Student Intake Form

Next Steps

  1. Schedule an appointment with Gabby McCartney
  2. Include your due date in the box where it says “Please share anything that will help prepare for our meeting.”
  3. Think about how much time you would like to take away from classes and schoolwork after you give birth. (We will discuss this.)
  4. Review syllabi for classes. Highlight/ note assignments that are due on or within a month of your due date.

During Our Meeting

We will:
  1. Develop “Plan A,” which is the best-case scenario for the birth and your return to school.
  2. Develop an email to your professors informing them of your pregnancy, Plan A, and request zoom meetings with each individually to discuss assignments and revise due dates after you have your baby.
  3. Discuss what do to if Plan A changes, and your communication preferences for the future.

After you have your baby, within a day or two, email Gabby a letter from your doctor that states how much time they recommend for your recovery, which will be based on how the birth went.

Email Gabby McCartney, Pregnant Student liaison, at or Haley Myers Dillon, Director of the Parents & Families Program, at or call (916) 278-4353 if you have questions or encounter a problem with any of these steps.

We look forward to working with you.


Gabby McCartney, Pregnant Student Liaison & Student-Parent Peer Ambassador, Parents & Families Program

Haley Myers Dillon, Director, Parents & Families Program