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Information Technology (SAIT) Division of Student Affairs

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Our Tech Support Team offers a wide variety of support throughout the Enrollment and Engagement & Student Affairs divisions. The team focuses on setting up, maintaining, and breaking down technological equipment, including workstations, laptops, phones, printers, fax machines, and more. The team also has a variety of equipment ready to loan to staff.

Do you have problems with Outlook or need new software downloaded? Our team is here to help. We have a good understanding of the Microsoft Office Suite and Adobe, so if you have any issues, feel free to ask!

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Is your workstation acting up? Is it slow? We help update and maintain the following types of campus-owned equipment:

  • Desktop
  • Laptop
  • Tablet
  • Printers
  • Monitors
  • Docks

Are you in need of moving IT equipment? Is your office going through a remodel? Is there a need to move staff around to improve
the department’s work functionality? We help with the following:

  • Computer/screen/dock relocation (staff and students)
  • Printer relocation
  • Phone relocation

Note: Unfortunately, we do not cover the following services: Resetting phone voicemail password/security code or Updating phone display name/Caller ID, but our IRT partners can assist with that. Please click on the links to submit your respective request.

[Equipment & Space vs Access]

Are you in the process of hiring someone new for your team? We are part of the onboarding process, too. We assist with the following positions:

  • Baseline General Funded Positions
  • Temporary Positions
  • Grant-Funded Positions
  • Student Assistants

Note: Unfortunately, equipment is not guaranteed for each position.

Are you getting error messages? Are your laptop ports not working? The laptop screen is blinking? We help troubleshoot the following types of campus-owned equipment:

  • Desktop
  • Laptop
  • Tablet
  • Printers
  • Monitors
  • Docks
  • Peripherals (keyboard/mouse, headsets, web cameras, etc.)

Are you having issues with your printer? We can help with the following:

  • Printer Installation
  • Printer Access
  • Error Messages
  • Paper Jams
  • Low Toner (Note: Covered for Konica Minolta but not local printers)

Note: The department must supply paper.

Are you missing some departmental access? We can assist with setting you up with the following:

  • Shared Drive
  • Department Email
  • Department Calendar
  • Divisional Listserv
  • Department Listserv

Note: CMS access requests must be routed to OR your department analyst.

Note: EAB access request must be routed to

Are you hosting or participating in an event that requires laptops? We can assist you with the following:

  • Laptop Event Support – For on-call team support during an event (Pending Team Availability)
  • Laptop Event Set up – For plug-and-play assistance before the event starts

Are you in need of IT equipment? Not sure what to buy? What’s compliant? What’s within your budget? Is Procurement requesting an ICT from you before proceeding? We help with the following:

Here are some useful resources about equipment purchases:

[Checkout vs Return]

Did you forget your laptop at home and need a temporary one for the day? Do you have an overflow of student assistants and need an extra laptop for your student for the day? Are you hosting an event that requires various laptops? Check-in with our team, we may have the following in stock for you:

  • Short-term laptop checkouts
  • Semester-long laptop checkouts

(Generic & Positional Accounts)

Do you have a question about your student assistants' generic/positional accounts? Do you need help accessing the main account used to promote your department?

  • New Account
  • Password Change
  • Display Name Change
  • Alias Creation
  • Secondary Inbox Set-Up

Do you need assistance using campus-owned software? Are you not sure which software will meet your needs? Are you already buying software, but Procurement requires an ICT before proceeding?

  • ICT Procurement Review Process for Software/Application/Data Purchases
  • Software and applications how to's and best practices (e.g., Zoom meetings vs. Zoom Webinars, Adobe, NoviSign, One Note, Outlook, Qualtrics, Teams, etc.)

Here are some useful resources about software purchases:

Are you trying to install software, but it’s asking for administrators’ credentials? Installing software that required admin credentials

  • Troubleshooting software

If none of the topics on the above lists match your need/request, please use this "General Inquiry" option when submitting a ticket.


Our Web team focuses on Web Content Management all across the Division of Student Affairs websites. Our team assists users with website creation, maintenance, and consultation. We will make sure our websites meet all Sac State Guidelines and WCAG regulations for accessibility.

Submit a Web Request

  • Website Maintenance
  • Website Restructuring
  • New Website Creation
  • Website Consultation