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Information Technology (SAIT) Division of Student Affairs

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Technology Contingency Plan

This page is designed to help departments and programs prepare to work during possible long term disruption to campus operations. Check the Sac State's Campus Safety Page for status and policies during campus emergencies and closures.

Please check back frequently as we continue to populate this page with more helpful information. For additional questions, comments or tool-specific assistance please contact our team.

Contact Student Affairs IT

First Step: Stay Connected with Global Protect!

Global Protect helps you connect virtually to Sac State's private network while off-campus.

Any staff who requires access to SacFiles away from the campus or access to their home directory, shared or project drives from their personal workstation will require a secure network connection using Global Protect.

All campus community members are automatically provisioned to be able to access and login to Global Protect.

Global Protect is part of our Software Center Applications (Available apps to self-install)

Global Protect VPN

Helpful Tips & Tricks

  • Always be sure your Global Protect is connected before attempting to use any of your remote applications. If you close, lock, log out, restart or shut down your device, you will need to reconnect to Global Protect.
  • Be aware that working remotely requires time to sync applications & may require a manual sync.
  • Our email address will be active and checked on, please feel free to contact Student Affairs IT.
  • Please remember to practice safe computing while working from home.