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Hornet Launch Spring 2024

Here at CSU Sacramento, we are vested in your academic success! For the Fall semester, you were pre-enrolled in all your classes. We are excited to share for Spring 2024 you will again be pre-enrolled in a full, meaningful schedule of 14-16 units. Courses will be a balance of General Education and Major requirements as recommended by the major’s roadmaps and to meet CSU General Education compliance requirements.

We will be enrolling all first-time first-year students, except:

  • First-time first-year students who will have 60 units complete at the end of Fall 2023. This means you have enough units to work directly with your college’s Student Success Center to determine the appropriate courses to enroll yourself in. Not sure if that is you, no worries! An email will be sent to your Sac State email account confirming if you are on track to complete 60 units, and information for advising in your college’s Student Success Center.
  • Students who withdrew or dropped their courses and have 0 units prior to Sept. 25, will not receive a Spring 2024 schedule. If you plan to return to Sac State and take classes in Spring 2024, please notify the Hornet Launch Team at by November 6.

To make sure we enroll you in the best schedule possible:

  1. Check that your major on record is correct. This is the major we will be building your schedule around. If the major on record is not the major you intend to complete, please contact the Student Success Center of the major you want to change. Academic Advising Major Advising Page
  2. Check for registration holds in your Student Center. Log into your Student Center and look at your Holds. If you have any items in the Holds box, take care of it immediately. Hornet Launch Schedulers cannot override these holds and will not be able to enroll you in Spring classes if any hold is on your account after November 6.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will be pre-enrolled in your Spring 2024 courses by November 19, at which time you will be able to view your schedule in your Enrollment Cart.

You will have access to adjust your schedule at the time your Spring 2024 Enrollment Appointment opens.

Make sure you have discussed with an advisor the courses you plan to swap. Certain courses are prioritized for freshman and it may be difficult to enroll yourself in after your first year. Hornet Launch will not be able to re-enroll you in any classes if you drop them.

For information on how to swap classes, watch “How to Use Sac State Scheduler” and “How to Add/Drop/Swap

You can look up your college by major.

Colleges & Majors Page

Every student is assigned an Open Enrollment Appointment for every registration period. The Open Enrollment Appointment is a specific day and time assigned to each student based on the number of units completed and any programs a student is active in that allows a bump in registration time (like Finish in Four).

Your Open Enrollment Appointment will appear in your Student Center the week before registration opens. The first day of Spring 2024 registration is November 13.

Taking a class at a community college while taking classes at Sac State?

Please email the Hornet Launch Team at to alert the team of the course you are taking and where you are taking it (e.g., CHEM 300 at American River College). Please send the email from your Sac State Outlook account and include your Student ID number in the email. The sooner we know what you are taking, the sooner we can make sure your schedule is to your greatest benefit.

The key to passing is attending class, completing as many assignments as possible, communicating with your instructors, and doing as best as you can on tests and exams. Tutoring is available for all kinds of classes and subjects. Connect with academic success resources like PARC (Peer and Academic Resource Center), the Reading & Writing Center, and the Math Lab, just to name a few.

If you feel your grade is in jeopardy of failing, communicate with your instructor as early as possible to discuss a plan to pass. If you do fail a course, connect with an academic advisor as soon as possible to discuss the best options for you, such as taking a summer class or adjusting your Spring 2024 schedule.

If you find yourself on academic probation after Fall 2023 grades post, meet with an academic advisor to discuss the best pathway to get back on track. This may include options of repeating courses in Spring and/or summer session.

For information about reserved seats and how to identify them, watch this short video: Understanding Reserve Seats.

If you are trying to enroll in a course with reserved seats:

  • Check if there are non-reserved seats open in the class (see video, Understanding Reserve Seats, to learn how to check).
  • If non-reserved seats have been filled, try:
    • Signing up for the waitlist. Being on the waitlist helps inform the department that more students want this class, and the department will determine if another section can be created. If reserved seats are not used, students on waitlists are auto enrolled into the open seats once the seats are released.
    • Look for another section that has non-reserved seats open.
    • Check other course options that fulfill requirements you have not satisfied yet by reviewing your Academic Requirements Report and/or speaking with an advisor.