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Welcome to Student Academic Success Day 2022!

SAS Day Reflection

Student Academic Success Day 2022 is proud to celebrate a theme of “Passionate, Persistent, and Powerful: Proclaiming Success.” The event is designed to bring together students, faculty, and staff along with community guests for virtual and in-person workshop sessions, engagement components, and resource fair components all designed to promote success.

The event will kick-off with a Principals and Community College Leaders’ Summit on September 19, 2022 from 11 am to noon via Zoom. The week of September 19th will be our first hosting of Student Academic Success Week. During this week, workshops will be held entitled “Navigating Your Passion in the Major.” This week of inspiration will culminate in our signature Student Academic Success Day event on September 26th from 11 am – 3 pm, offering mega student success workshops, a time of honoring community partnerships and transfer success, along with an Outdoor Resource Festival as a capstone to the event. Read the Welcome Letter and join us on the 26th of September.

We can’t wait to engage and inspire you to pursue your highest passions!

Welcome Letter

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Event Information

Speakers’ Corner

Information for this section will be coming soon.

SAS Day Parking

Parking is free for SAS Day guests. Event guests are asked to park in Parking Structure 3 (PS3) on the 5th and 6th floors for the event. (Note: This structure is directly behind the Union by Lot 6). If you desire to park elsewhere on campus, you will need to pay for a parking permit. If you are a student, faculty, and/or staff, your permit to park via your license plate will continue to suffice to meet your parking needs for the day if your car is registered with University Transportation and Parking (UTAPS). Please visit the UTAPS website for parking instructions and details followed by the campus.

Mega Success Sessions

11:00 am – 11:50 am (September 26, 2022)

The Athletic Industry and Student Success (Cottonwood Suite, 2nd Floor)

Attend this session to discover tools for success in professional sports, while achieving scholastic success. Learn from personnel familiar with the industry and build valuable networks for professional progress.

Investing in Success: Becoming a Phenomenal Investor (Foothill Suite, 3rd Floor)

Learn how to be an investor and impact your livelihood and the community around you. Acquire tips to strengthen your investment strategy and approach for success.

Brand Development that Transforms and Transcends the Industry (Forest Suite, 2nd Floor)

Do you have a unique brand? What will give your social media presence a boost? Increase your followers and increase your impact through brand development and self-discovery.

Entrepreneurship in Action: Developing My Own Business (Green & Gold, 3rd Floor)

Do you want to develop your own business? Do you have a business plan? Have you utilized the services and resources of the Carlsen Center? Attend this session to set in motion the implementation of your creative ideas. Form the business of your dreams. It all starts here with planning and determination.

Achieving Life Success: Finding Your Passion (Hinde Auditorium, 1st Floor)

What are you passionate about? What drives you? Attend this goal setting and inspiring session to make your aspirations come to life.

Women of Color: Persisting in Higher Education (Pacific Suite, 3rd Floor)

Women of color experience many successes and unique challenges in the collegiate setting. This session will explore recent trends in higher education for women, while providing support and calling attention to the issues women face in pursuit of their degrees.

Men of Color: Empowering Success and Improving Your Tomorrow (Orchard Suite, 2nd Floor)

I am my brother’s keeper. Join this session to be empowered as a male student to acquire resources and information to be successful in the higher education space as a male scholar, while supporting your peers and growing as a man of excellence.

DEGREES Project Networking Mixer: Speed Coaching & Success Tips (Redwood Room, 1st Floor)

Attend this session to network, gather on-the-spot advising and coaching, as well learn about tips for student success, graduation achievement, and career and life development.

Sessions Offered Through Zoom

Monday, September 19, 2022

SAS Day Kick-Off: Principals and Community College Leaders’ Summit
Dr. Marcellene Watson-Derbigny and Dr. Chao Vang
11 AM - 12 PM

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

College of Arts and Letters
Navigating Passion in the Major Sessions: College Advisor and Coach
12 PM

College of Business Administration
Navigating Passion in the Major Sessions: College Advisor and Coach
1 PM

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

College of Engineering and Computer Science
Navigating Passion in the Major Sessions: College Advisor and Coach
12 PM

College of Education
Navigating Passion in the Major Sessions: College Advisor and Coach
1 PM

Thursday, September 22, 2022

College of Health and Human Services
Navigating Passion in the Major Sessions: College Advisor and Coach
12 PM

College Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Navigating Passion in the Major Sessions: College Advisor and Coach
1 PM

Friday, September 23, 2022

College of Social Sciences & Interdisciplinary Studies
Navigating Passion in the Major Sessions: College Advisor and Coach
12 PM

Award Components

Principals and Leaders Award

The Equity Principals Award recognizes regional leadership for their commitment to educational equity and scholastic success. Nominations from throughout the State of California are reviewed and prominent leaders are recognized during the annual Principals and Leaders’ Summit.

A Woman Who Takes Flight Award

The Woman I Fly Award is designed to recognize women in the region who lead with distinction and who give of their time to mount causes that support and build community and success. The award, new of its kind to SAS Day, celebrates the impact of women doing great educational equity work to leverage transformative community initiatives.

Optimism Award

The Optimism Award celebrates annually one community partner whose collaborative work and programming positions the community and underserved populations and youth to thrive, achieve success, and flourish socially and academically. This award of distinction embodies hope, determination, and inspiration to achieve optimistic outcomes that uplift the community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When is SAS Day occurring this year?

The event will begin on Monday, September 19th, 2022 with a Virtual Principals and Community College Leaders’ Summit from 11:00 am – 12:00 pm. On September 20th through 23rd, Navigating Your Passion in the Major Sessions will be held via Zoom at 12 pm and 1 pm daily. On Monday, September 26, 2022 SAS Week will culminate with the signature SAS Day Programming from 11:00 am – 3:00 pm with all in-person event components being deployed.

Q. Will SAS Day be held virtually?

The event will be offered in a hybrid format. Events occurring the week of September 19th will be all online. A tab with Zoom link information is provided as a part of the SAS Day website.

Q. Is SAS Day free and open to the public?

The majority of the SAS Day events are free with the exception of the DEGREES Project Luncheon being held on September 26th at noon in the Ballroom. Guests are asked to purchase their ticket in support of this event. Information on luncheon tickets can be found on the SAS Day main page. All other components of SAS Week and SAS Day are completely free for all guests. The event is open to the Sacramento State community and is open to the community at large.

Q. Who is the target audience for SAS Day?

SAS Day provides workshops for students throughout the entire day along with Resource Fair components. Sessions for faculty and staff and community guests will be held throughout the day as well.

Q. Do I need to RSVP for SAS Day?

To reserve your space for this event, you will need to RSVP using the RSVP Online Form.

Q. What engagement opportunities will be provided for students during SAS Day?

Students will have the chance to take part in live sessions, video components, interactive discussions, and resource fairs and inspirational segments to gather the strength and power of this incredible day.

Q. I am a course instructor or community member and I would like to know if I can bring a group to the event?

Yes, please use the online reservation system to register yourself and your group. Zoom links will be provided for the sessions you have registered for and will be posted on the DEGREES Project Website and SAS Day Website. In addition, room locations for in-person sessions being held on September 26th, 2022 can be found on the website as well. Note: Mega workshop sessions will be held on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors of the University Union. The DEGREES Project luncheon will be held in the University Union Ballroom. Lastly, the Outdoor Resource Fair and Student Success Festival will be held out on Serna Plaza located just behind the University Union building.

Q. What special sessions will be provided as a part of the event date?

The event will include a Principals and Leaders’ Summit, College-based Navigating the Major Sessions, Mega Success Workshops, a Luncheon, and an Outdoor Resource Fair.

Q. What will be the topical foci for student workshops?

Student workshops will cover a range of topics including an exploration of topics on industry trends, how to be an investor, entrepreneurship, how to find your passion, persistence in higher education, empowering success for men of color, and a networking for success segment, which will include tips and strategies for college success in alignment with GI 2025. Join us for what promises to be an exciting time of information and inspiration to propel your passion, persist, and powerfully proclaim your own success.

Event Mission and Objectives

The mission of Student Academic Success Day is to inform and inspire students and the community to lay out a blueprint of success that fosters lifelong dreams and achievements.

The following key objectives help to guide the Student Academic Success Day mission:

  • Propel students to meet milestones to graduation in alignment with the CSU Graduation Initiative
  • Equip participants to achieve success in every dimension of life
  • Educate campus faculty and staff and the community at large about strategies to Close the Achievement Gap
  • Enrich the cultural, social, and psychological fabric of participants through engagement components that re-invigorate and inspire excellence in academic and interpersonal relatedness
  • Provide resources and tools for SAS Day guests to utilize on the day of the event and that hold lasting value along the journey of success beyond the event itself
  • Create a platform of empowerment that positions and motivates participants to envision greater goals and accomplishments
  • Link guests to networking groups, industry leaders, and community partners to leverage regional, state, and national resources to support goal planning, collaborative projects, and coordination to achieve success along educational and life domains

Lead Contacts

Plenary Sessions, Sponsors, and Vendors

Dr. Marcellene Watson-Derbigny, Associate Vice President, Student Retention and Academic Success

Dr. Marcellene Watson-Derbigny

Workshop Questions

Ruth Williams, DEGREES Project Coordinator

Ruth Williams

First Gen Network Questions

Dr. Chao Vang, Executive Coordinator, SASEEP External Relations

Dr. Chao Vang

Media Relations & Promotions

Letrice Fowler, Media Production Specialist

Letrice Fowler

Administrative Support & Logistics

Anne Cheng, Budget Analyst, SASEEP

Anne Cheng

Kevin Nguyen, Administrative Support Coordinator, SASEEP

Kevin Nguyen

Martinique Baker

Martinique Baker

Media Archive

SAS Day 2015

SAS Day 2016

SAS Day 2017

SAS Day 2018

SAS Day 2019

SAS Day 2020

SAS Day DEGREES Project Luncheon

The DEGREES Project will host the DEGREES Project Luncheon and Transfer Success Send Off on Monday, September 26th, 2022 from 12:00 - 1:15 pm in the University Union Ballroom. The event will include lunch, keynote features, and student speakers highlighting powerful stories of success. The luncheon is designed to be a fundraiser. We are asking guests to purchase tickets at a cost of $22. If you would like to buy a table and contribute fund support to the DEGREES Project, the cost per table is $222 for a table of 8 guests.

Luncheon FAQ

Student Information

Are students able to attend the luncheon for free?
Yes, the luncheon is free for student attendees.

If I am a student, how do I register?
Register for the luncheon using the RSVP Online Form.

Ticket Information

If I am a faculty or staff member or community guest, do I need to buy a ticket to attend?
You may attend without buying a ticket, but donations to the program via a ticket purchase are welcomed.

What link do I use to pay for my ticket to attend the DEGREES Project Luncheon?
Buy a luncheon ticket or table.

If I am a faculty or staff member or community guest that wishes to attend other portions of SAS Day, how do I register for these components?
To register for other components of SAS Week and SAS Day use the RSVP Online Form.

General Information

What time does the luncheon start?
The luncheon starts at 12 pm.

What time does the luncheon end?
The luncheon ends at 1:15 pm.

Where will the luncheon take place?
The luncheon will take place in the University Union Ballroom.

Parking Information

Parking for this event is free. Information on parking will be provided on the main webpage as we draw closer to the event.

Dietary Accommodations

If I have special dietary needs, who should I inform?
Please email Martinique Baker, our DEGREES Project Administrative Support, so we can account for your request by the date of September 19th for planning purposes.

If you have any additional questions regarding the luncheon, please contact Dr. Marcellene Watson-Derbigny or Ruth Williams.