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ASI Club Account Form (CAF)

Any recognized student club that intends to transact any form of financial business must do so through an ASI Club Account. AFTER your club registration is approved in Hornet Hub, you will start the ASI Club Account Form (CAF) in Acrobat Sign. The steps are as follows:

  • One approved officer will visit the SA Workflow Website. Select “ASI Club Agreement Form” from the dropdown. They will fill in all of the approved officers information and your Faculty/Staff advisor's information.
  • That will then prompt the email workflow which sends the form for signature in the following order: Treasurer > President > additional officers (if applicable) > Faculty/Staff advisor > then SO&L. If one person in that flow does not sign, the form will not progress forward. To see where the form is stuck in the Adobe Sign process, visit Adobe Acrobat and sign in with your campus email. On the left, you should see “In Progress” (select on the form you need to check on and to the right it will pop up who has or has not signed) and forms that are “Waiting on You” (meaning you need to sign).
  • SO&L is the final formal reviewer. If the club was not already been approved or there are errors, the form will have to be re-started completely, so please be sure that it is completed correctly. Common errors include:
    • Submitting before your club registration was approved
    • The individuals listed do not match your approved registration (this also includes misspelled names, emails, phone numbers)
    • If you only have two officers, please select NO for the co-signer question.
  • The form then goes to ASI who will accept it and your club will receive notification that the Adobe Sign process was completed, which will give you access to the club’s account. If you do not have this notification, then the form is likely sitting in the email of one of the signers waiting on them to do their part. Again, to see where the form is stuck in the Adobe Sign process, visit Adobe Acrobat and sign in with your campus email. On the left, you should see “In Progress” (select the form you need to check on and to the right it will pop up who has or has not signed) and forms that are “Waiting on You” (meaning you need to sign).

The ASI Club Account Form does not have a connection to SO&L Organization Registration deadlines. You simply cannot begin it until your registration with SO&L is approved. Please direct any questions about the club banking process to ASI Accounting Services.

How To: Completing Your ASI Club Account Form (CAF) Video


Any recognized student club that has an ASI Club Account can receive monetary non-tax deductible donations via cash or check that is deposited into their ASI Club Account. Online donations processed through University Advancement are tax-deductible using the directions below. Please note there is a 3% administrative fee taken by University Advancement from all online donations.

To make a contribution online, please follow the steps below!

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the “Give Today” button at the bottom of the screen, this will bring you to the donations page where you can choose which program you will like to contribute too.
  3. For “Designations”, please select “View all giving opportunities”
  4. Then under “Scholarships and Student Programs” use the search function to find “Clubs & Organizations”
  5. Fill out all of the required donor information
  6. Under “Gift Instructions”, list the club name you would like to receive the donation so that SO&L knows where to designate the money to.

You can also hyperlink the following link in social media posts and electronic letters, which combines Step 1-4 and then just Step 5-6 are needed.

Note: This link is not recommended for print.



A fundraising event is defined as an activity where admission is charged, donations are required or actively solicited, sales take place, or other financial consideration is accrued by the sponsoring organization. All student organizations must submit a Request to Raise Funds on-campus form to Student Organizations & Leadership at least two weeks prior and receive written approval prior to using any University or campus auxiliary facilities for a fundraising event.

All fundraising policies and procedures can be found in the Student Organization Handbook


Many clubs host fundraisers off-campus at local businesses and restaurants. Should the business request information about a student organization for the fundraiser, please note clubs do not have tax exemption, and therefore we are not able to provide a tax ID number for you. While recognized student organizations are not non-profits, some businesses will accept a formal letter from the campus indicating you are a not-for-profit student club recognized at Sacramento State in order for you to host your fundraiser.

Please contact your SO&L advisor or call 916-278-6595 to request this letter for your club.


Academic Related Activities (ARA) and Student Academic Development (SAD)

This grant funding opportunity supports activities that extend students’ educational experiences beyond the normal instructional environment.

For grant information, visit the Academic Affairs Grants website

ASI Dollars for Organizations and Clubs (DOC) grant

The purpose of ASI Dollars for Organizations and Clubs (DOC) grant funding is to support Sac State students in their endeavors to increase the quality of campus life and learning. ASI DOC funding is a grant to organizations and clubs which reimburses organizations and clubs for money spent on events, food, promotion, conferences and much more.

For more information, visit the ASI Grants website

UEI Campus Grants Program

The UEI Campus Grants Program reflects UEI’s investment in the ongoing vitality of the campus community and the important role played by innovative faculty, student, and staff projects. They are particularly interested in projects that advance discovery and understanding while promoting teaching, research, and campus engagement.

For more information, visit the UEI Campus Grants website