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We Care. We Will Help. Addressing Sex-Based Offenses in the Campus Community

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How Do I Report an Incident ?

All incidents of sexual exploitation, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct (including sexual battery and rape), dating or domestic violence, and stalking should be reported to the Office for Equal Opportunity (OEO).

To file a report or complete a formal complaint please use: the Online Complaint Form

Please note that all employees, except for those specifically designated by the University as confidential, are required to report to OEO.

If you experience any violations: OEO would like to speak with you directly to explain your rights and options, although it is entirely up to you which, if any, of the campus services you would like to use. If you choose to have a meeting, a member of the OEO team will walk you through the options for pursuing a complaint under campus policy and will answer any questions you might have about the policy or procedures. You are welcome to bring a support person to the meeting, including the campus Confidential Advocate or someone else of your choosing.

For further information about your available resources, please see the following document Rights and Options.

If you are a student or third party with information about a violation involving campus community members, we strongly encourage you to report it to OEO using the online form.

If you are an employee or student employee who received a disclosure of a violation: You are almost certainly required to report. If you are unsure whether you are confidential, you likely are not. The confidential employees on campus are aware of their status. Confidential employees include, for instance, certain medical and counseling staff and the Confidential Advocate. Please consult with OEO if you have any questions. The University requires employees to report so that the trained professionals in OEO can effectively address the incident and ensure the person who reported (the complainant) receives full information on rights and resources.

OEO will also walk you through any obligations, if applicable, to report to law enforcement. As a general rule, and absent emergency situations or cases involving minors, employees should not disclose details of sex-based reports (e.g., rape) to the police without the consent of the complainant.

Please see the employee tip sheet for responding to a disclosure here.

Support Services

Please see the employee tip sheet for responding to a disclosure here.

Visit the following pages for additional information on support services:

Support Services

DHR/Title IX Online Incident Reporting