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One World Initiative Office of Undergraduate Studies

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Funding Opportunities

Looking for Additional Funding?

Are you faculty/staff or a student looking to host an event related to our AY20-21 theme of Global Perspectives on Transformation? We want to encourage and support multiple perspectives that provoke thought and action on this timely and timeless imperative:

  • What does Transformation mean to you?
  • Where is it found, pursued, and expressed in history, literature, the arts, and the sciences?
  • How can you engage with this concept in ways that expand students’ knowledge and skills?

We support the work of clubs, programs, centers, and instructors through small grants (not to exceed $400) to members of the campus community that enrich students’ University experience. We seek to emphasize the interdisciplinary and international nature of a Sacramento State education through continual engagement with compelling problems and big ideas.

Previous OWI-sponsored offerings have included:

  • panel discussions with guest speakers,
  • student receptions following remarks by a visiting scholar,
  • student fashion shows,
  • dance recitals,
  • networking and community building events, etc.

OWI encourages Sac State community members to explore the theme through the lenses of particular disciplinary practices, knowledge base, and research interests. Co-curricular experiences are also encouraged. We are proud of the range and quality of events we have sponsored, most of which are open to the public.

Requests For Funding

  1. Please fill out the Funding Request below.
  2. Submit your proposal by the Friday due dates below for each monthly review cycle. The Steering Committee reviews requests on a monthly basis. (Sept. 13, Oct. 11, Nov. 8, Feb. 11, March 13, April 10)
  3. Send the completed form to


If you have questions about the request process, please reach out for assistance prior to the deadline. Incomplete or late requests will not be reviewed within that monthly cycle.

  • Questions about what expenses are allowable and how best to assure the smooth transfer of funds to the campus entity supporting the event should be directed to Celena Showers at (916) 278-5344.
  • Questions about developing a program, event, or offering that explores the theme should be directed to Ragu Trichur, Steering Committee Chair, (916) 278-5832.