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“Start the conversation! You’ll find I’m a great listener.” 
- Janie Xiong, START Member

Have some great ideas to share, but don’t know where to “start?” Why not begin by contacting your ABA START representative?

In ABA, START means Strategy Team: Achieving Results Together, an apt acronym for the division's team that meets monthly to discuss ways in which to involve and engage staff in support for division goals and action plans.

START is comprised of staff representatives from each of the ABA families or family groups, and membership rotates every two years. The director of Strategic Planning & Quality Improvement (SPQI), the SPQI analyst and one or two ABA managers forms the core group.

START members can help you:

Share your ideas and strategies for achieving ABA and University goals

Highlight the achievements of your department or unit through websites and newsletters

Improve ABA programs devoted to staff, including Staff Peer Awards, ABA FOCUS Newsletter

START members know that ABA and the University benefit from the best ideas of the entire campus community. Get to know your family’s START representative and feel free to contact any member to share your thoughts and ideas.

SuzanneSuzanne Bracamonte, Public Safety
Administrative Analyst/Specialist:  Manages timekeeping, travel, special projects and many other tasks in the Department of Public Safety.
Contact:  X81746

Staff input and feedback is good because, “it gives everyone the opportunity to share information … that may be of interest to others.”

ElenaElena Compo, Business & Administrative Services
Administrative Analyst/Specialist: Responsible for data compilation for the annual budget call and cost allocation, ensuring the collection of adequate funds to meet obligations; monitoring of funds and division expenses and balances; financial reporting and review of personnel documentation for ABA.
Contact: X82845

“Improvement of division operations and maintaining high employee morale is the direct result of open communications between management and staff.”

NormanNorman Kwong, BP&A, Administrative Operations, Auditing Services  
Lead Budget Analyst:  Department lead on CFS Finance system upgrades, provides support for University Budget Advisory Committee (UBAC), assists with the annual budget call process, reports and special projects, specialist for Housing, Student Union, Lottery and Minor Capital Outlay funds.
Contact:  X87452

“The campus is a big place with lots of employees, so it’s easy to imagine you’re a cog in the machine. Every voice counts, however, and we rely on employees to bring forth ideas which can improve employee morale.”

joeyJoey Martinez, Facilities Services
Recycling Coordinator: Coordinates the University’s recycling efforts and helps the sustainability team promote new and ongoing best practices through audit of current methods to discover improvements.
Contact: X85801

“Input and feedback are essential in fostering a campus community. Constructive feedback can sometimes offer a fresh or insightful view of a situation.” As a START member, I will always strive to make time to listen to any concerns or comments.”

RobynRobyn Pitts, Financial Services
Accountant I: Responsible for Student Financials (SF), receipt adjustments, item-type maintenance, scholarship transfers, financial aid overawards, reconciliations, monitoring SF and testing.
Contact: X82640 (e-mail is best)

“It’s good to get staff perspectives and ideas. When a decision is made, it's important to get input and feedback from the staff doing the job, so that there is a firsthand account of how something may be effective or ineffective and provide ideas for improvement."

JanieJanie Xiong, Risk Management Services
Administrative Analyst/Specialist: Risk assessment/counseling, insurance program management, Administrative Fleet Management, administrative support.
Contact: X6456

“It’s important to know what’s working and what is not by the staff members who are effected by the programs or changes created to make a better work environment. Also, staff members can come up with great ideas or solutions to problems.”

GinaGina Lombardo, UTAPS
Director of Administration: Responsible for UTAPS customer service, cashiering, information booths, budget and finance, event and visitor parking, and citation processing.
Contact: X86103 (e-mail is best)

“I really enjoy serving on the START committee and being able to share the many accomplishments from BAS with the group. I feel it is important to represent my peers and make sure they have a voice.”

AndrewAndrew Stiffler
Administrative Analyst/Specialist:  Support for ABA strategic planning, communication and staff engagement and recognition programs, including: ABA website design and maintenance, division web coordination and support for multiple web editors; ABA FOCUS newsletter design, photography and written articles; ABA recognition programs and START support.
Contact: X2857

“Staff input is important simply because it allows those with first-hand knowledge to offer their experience and expertise on a given issue.  Equally important is fostering an environment that allows employees to share this information.”

Former ABA START members: Rachelle Arnold, Tim Bair, Michelle Bianco, Noel Carolipio, Gina Curry, Thomas Custer, Katerina Donato-Weinstein, Kem Gravenberg, Stacy Hayano, Annette Karle, Thelma Matthews, Theo Povondra, Greg Revelez, Abbi Stone, Harold Scott and Bernie Tano.

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