ABA Joins Alums to Welcome Students

Vice President/CFO Mike Lee helped welcome Sac State’s African American students to the campus at the Black Alumni Chapter (BAC) Student Welcome event on September 16 in the University Union, along with a host of representatives from divisions, auxiliaries and colleges across the University.

The event is part of the BAC Outreach and Retention Committee’s overall strategy to support the enrollment, retention and graduation rates of black students at Sacramento State, in line with Sac State and system-wide initiatives.

Vice President's Office staff helped coordinate catering and other arrangements and manned event tables. University Transportation & Parking Services (UTAPS) participated in the event’s Information Resource Fair, designed to empower students by reaching out to provide helpful resources and information. And, as in past years, ABA contributed by covering a portion of the event's catering costs.

The event is not only a source of practical and useful information for students, but an opportunity for students to connect with black alumni. These connections strengthen support for students down the road, thereby helping to improve retention rates and cultivate future Sac State alums.

Vice President/CFO Lee supports a variety of diversity efforts on campus and in the community on behalf of the University, through Sacramento Black Chamber of Commerce, the Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the Sacramento Asian Chamber of Commerce sponsorships. More recently, ABA became a member of the American Association of University Women (AAUW), Sacramento Branch, whose activities they will also support . "AAUW is the nation's leading voice promoting equity and education for women and girls."



Cops Coffee Engages Students

Public Safety hosted a "Coffee with Cops" reception in September, encouraging the campus community to come and learn about safety issues and emergency preparation.

Public Safety's facebook page described the event as a "unique way to strengthen the partnership between the Sacramento State Police Department and the campus community it serves."

The goal of the event was to remove obstacles that connect the campus community to Public Safety, because an engaged and connected campus serves as a great deterrent to crime and illegal activity.

The first of its kind since Police Chief Mark Iwasa's appointment, the event drew some 30 students. A significant representation of Public Safety staff attended as well, including Chief Mark Iwasa, Lieutenant Christina Lofthouse, Sergeant Vic Vinson, Detective Jason Johnston, and other officers and dispatchers. If you ever have an issue that you think requires Public Safety's assistance, do not hesitate to contact them at (916) 278-6851.


Ten Things Reprographics Wants You to Know

Product GalleryReprographics launched a publicity campaign this fall to advertise their services. With a new website and product gallery, they are reaching out to the University community to let everyone know they are Sacramento State’s official on-campus print shop with equipment, services and competitive prices that can't be matched. These ten snippets of information should help users discover why Reprographics is the print shop of choice for the campus.

Reprographics Services:

1) Is a full-service print shop, offering a wide range of high-quality professional services you would find at any local printer;

2) Boasts the latest state-of-the-art equipment;

3) Serves the business and academic printing needs of University departments, and auxiliary and student organizations, including faculty and student projects;

4) Can handle any job from start to finish, with services for printing, sorting, labeling, addressing, list certification, personalization, binding, mailing, laminating, mounting, etc.;

5) Can help you make your electronic documents “print-ready;”

6) Is the campus source for office printer/copier paper (formerly available from Photocopy Services);

7) Is cost competitive and will price-match any job;

8) Partners with many local printers to provide services not available on campus at competitive prices;

9) Is conveniently located on campus with short-term parking for visitors;

10) Provides delivery services to your office every day.

Check out the Reprographics website to see the gallery of service and products and hear rave reviews they are receiving from customers!


smart classroom

Upgrades Improve Learning Environment

Facilities Management concluded another round of classroom improvements over the summer in preparation for the return of students in the fall.

Overall, 22 classrooms were outfitted with new lighting, carpeting, whiteboards, and equipped with smart-classroom capabilities, including cameras, speakers and projectors.

"The objective is to not only provide adequate technology for the professors, but we serve the students best with clean, functional and well-lit classrooms," said Mark Leisz, manager of Facilities Management Customer Service. "Our primary goal has always been to provide an excellent learning environment."

Classrooms improvement selection is based on need, to ensure we are providing quality learning environments. "The improvements were based on the assessment of antiquated equipment and or lack of technology," added Leisz.


Speaker Series

ABA Speakers Share Social Media Tips

ABA’s 2013 Fall Speaker Series event featured University Public Affairs speakers Jeannie Wong and Jack Vaughn, who spoke about the importance of social media to the University’s communication program.

The event drew close to 80 guests from across the campus, with an audience representing ABA and other division staff, as well as students and faculty.

Wong and Vaughn alternated presentations to discuss how they have integrated social media, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, into their traditional communication media to engage students and the community. Public Affairs has also begun to explore other platforms including Instagram and Pinterest.

A fast paced and ever-evolving field, social media connects students, alumni, faculty, staff, and community members, with interesting stories, news updates, as well as important notifications. Sac State’s integrated communications include the University’s home page, news releases, the Sacramento State Leader, digital signs, printed materials, select advertising and the Made at Sac State video magazine, in addition to social media platforms.

Through the efforts of Public Affairs, the University has expanded its reach to over 17,300 Facebook fans, up from 10,400 just a year ago. The weekly total reach of the University’s Facebook page is from 150,000 to 350,000. In addition, Sac State now has 8,700 Twitter followers and over 121,000 total YouTube video views, the most popular video being “Made at Sac State: Sasha Asghari.”

Speakers Wong and Vaughn shared with the audience tips and best practices for using social media. A few fan-friendly Facebook strategies include:

  • VaughnWongKeep it light
  • Keep it right
  • Keep it newsy
  • Show, don’t just tell
  • Host a "variety show"
  • Timing is everything
  • We’re here to serve
  • Sharing is caring
  • Build the relationship


winter bowling league

Winter Bowling Kickoff Coming Up

The Sacramento State Winter Bowling League, coordinated by the Police Department, is a way for staff to engage in a fun-filled and dynamic six-week winter experience.

Got a team? Looking for a team? Sign up today! Teams consist of four players each, with substitutes brought in throughout league play.

The winter bowling league will begin on January 6 and will meet every Monday for six weeks. Sign-ups must be completed by January 2. Cost for each participant is $10.00 a week.

If you are interested, contact Serena Fuson for more information! Remember, register by January 2!


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