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    On March 15, Sac State's University Library Gallery opened its latest exhibit, Sacramento State Has Talent.

    Featuring faculty and staff who work in areas unrelated to the arts, the exhibit invited talented employees to step into the spotlight and display their art work. The work crossed a broad range of talents, from visual and performance art to music and literature.

    The exhibit, which fills the University Library's Gallery, was conceived by University Library Gallery Director Phil Hitchcock and students. The exhibit includes paintings, jewelry-making, set pieces, sculpture, drawings and photographs. Musical performances were also scheduled throughout the term of the exhibit.

    Five talented individuals from ABA were featured: Watercolor

  • Robert Anchor, Facilities Services. Media: Watercolor
  • Doug Edens, Facilities Services. Media: Photography
  • Hugo Garibay, Facilities Services. Media: Performance, band
  • Joel Lumsden, Facilities Services. Media: Drawing
  • Austin Stockstill, Facilities Services. Media: Painting


Hugo GaribayABA's Hugo Garibay, Facilities Services, kicked off the event with his band, Rondalla Voces Románticas, who performed for gallery attendees at the opening reception.

    Hugo has played guitar since he was a teenager, and performing has always been a passion. "It was a dream, something in my blood," he says. "I have to be on stage." Hugo is just one member of the nine-man group. A rondalla is an ensemble of stringed instruments played together, and each member of the group is key to creating their unique sound. According to Hugo, they need at least eight members to play, but sometimes have as many as 12. The band consists of multiple guitarists and one bassist.

    Rondalla Voces Románticas has been playing together now for four years. They originally practiced in Hugo's home, but now have a place on J Street to better accommodate all band members.

    On November 12, 2011 the band celebrated their first CD release, performing in front of over 500 people. Hugo continues to celebrate his music through his daughter. At 3-years old, she is already learning to play guitar.

    If you wish to learn more about Rondalla Voces Románticas, visit their official website here. To listen to some of their music, visit their music page here.

    You don't want to miss this opportunity to catch the exhibit or performances of your ABA colleagues and those from across the campus. A complete schedule of Sac State Has Talent events is available here. For more information on the exhibit, call (916) 278-4189. The exhibit closes May 18.

    Rondalla Voces Románticas