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If you have walked the campus this summer, you have likely noticed the swell of activity. Along with the typical seasonal events such as summer camps and orientation, there are many facility improvements underway. From a classroom improvement project to the renovation of food service facilities, the University is preparing a welcoming campus for new and returning students in the fall.

Many of these projects represent scheduled maintenance, while others are intended to revitalize facilities with the application of fresh paint, the replacement of fixtures, or other low-cost measures. Still others are part of the ongoing Smart Grid HVAC upgrades. At the same time, University Enterprises, Inc. (UEI) is working to update its food service facilities, renovating the interior of the Riverfront Center and upgrading portions of the Union food service area.

Less visible but equally important are the numerous activities taking place in ABA offices. These include the year-end reporting and budget allocation processes that span the summer months, extensive policy review and update related to ICSUAM, and much more.

WorkshopRecently, ABA hosted a two-day system-wide workshop on Lean/Process Improvement, facilitated by the Chancellor’s Office. I was pleased to see the high level of interest and enthusiasm in this topic, with over 50 participants, including 25 from Sac State and the remainder from northern CSU campuses. ABA units and departments are already busy using the tools and templates to enact process improvements, many of which were already underway.

These include both process mapping at the functional level and examination of larger systems that involve cross-campus collaboration. Task forces are actively involved in recommending ways to make the campus better in a number of ways: modifications to the Emergency Notification System (ENS) to ensure broader notification capability; improvements in the naming of streets and placement of signage to clarify locations and directions; tightened security and enhanced safety using electronic systems, environmental design concepts and improved education and communication; and safe bicycle accommodations and routes.

Over the last quarter, ABA has experienced a significant workforce reduction, with the retirement of many long-time staff professionals. We have recruited and filled only the most critical positions. I hope you will read the New Faces and Farewells section of this newsletter, and join me in welcoming the newest members of ABA’s staff. For those colleagues who have moved on to retirement or other endeavors, we extend our thanks and congratulations.

This edition also contains a section on ABA’s staff recognition programs that covers this year’s staff peer and years of service awards, department awards, ABA’s staff graduates, along with awards from external agencies. In times like these, when resources are scarce, it is especially important to remember the value of showing appreciation for a job well done. 

In ABA, we want to create more of these opportunities, as well as occasions for staff to get together, laugh and have fun. This year, we hosted a barbecue competition at our annual spring social to increase the spirit of camaraderie. We now have an ABA bowling league that is playing through the summer months. These are ways for us to connect with each other and reinforce the effectiveness of our team. I want to continue to find ways to stay positive in spite of our challenges, and help each other both on the job and off.

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