Summer Plans

Within ABA are employees who understand that, in addition to a strong work ethic, a healthy work-life balance is important. The summer brings sunny skies, warm weather, and for many, family vacations as well as recreational activities. We gave ABA employees the opportunity to share their exciting summer plans and activities below:

What did you do this summer?


Nicole Rogers, Financial Advisor, Student Financial Services Center:

"We went to Universal Studios, the DASH (Kardashian store), took a tour of Warner Brothers Studios, and visited Disneyland, on a surprise trip for my daughter's 16th birthday! She didn't know until the night before we left!"

"We really wanted to buy something at DASH, but everything was way too expensive. However, we did buy a bottle of water for $10. We really wanted a bag from the store."

"Also, my husband has a hidden love for watching Kardashian shows, but won't admit it!"

What did you do this summer?


Lauren Garrett, Accounting Technician III, Budget Planning & Administration:

"I started playing slow-pitch softball a few years after I stopped playing in college because I enjoy the sport. I like meeting new people, and staying active."

"I've been playing softball since I was eight. I've been on competitive traveling teams, played in high school and even played in college. All the way through college I was a catcher but now I play third base. I love the competitiveness and team camaraderie."

"I now play with friends - some who I've worked with and others who I've known and played with competitively for 20 years."

"My favorite movie is 'A League of Their Own.' It's based on a true story of the All American Girls Professional Baseball League. I've actually met the real Dottie played by the actress Geena Davis in the movie."

What did you do this summer?

Justine & Lola
Justine Heartt, Associate Vice President, Financial Services:

"We have been fostering dogs for the Yolo County SPCA. We have been foster parents for the SPCA for a little over a year now"

"We have fostered eight different dogs; the longest time was about four and a half weeks. We only foster one at a time as we have our own adopted dog Foster DogJupiter. She is a mix of whippet, shepard and terrier."

"We treat them like members of the family. It helps to get them socialized. It really helps, as potential adopting families want to know a bit about the dog before they adopt. We rescue these dogs from being put down due to overpopulation."

Lola (pictured) is the Heartt's current foster dog. If you are thinking of adopting a dog, go to!


What did you do this summer?

This summer, multiple ABA employees are participating in the Sac State Summer Golf League, which meets at Cordova Golf Course every week from May 31 through August 16. ABA participants include: Gina Curry, Scott Gephart, Dominic Reclusado, Robert Daclan and Justine Heartt.

"I love golf and I have been playing since I was about 12 years old. This league is not about the golf as much as it is about getting to know other faculty and staff in a fun atmosphere." - Gina Curry, director & university bursar, Student Financial Services Center.

"My grandfather started me playing golf when I was in high school. He taught me the game and I would go golfing with him. This league is fun and I get the opportunity to meet other members of the university staff. If I got better, that would be a great accomplishment, but it doesn't seem to be happening!" - Scott Gephart, manager, Ticket Office.

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