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Elaine O'Brien

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Art 112/212 :: Contemporary Art

Art 112/212, Spring 2016
TuTh 1:30-2:45pm
Kadema 145
Professor: Elaine O'Brien Ph.D.
Office: Kadema 190
Hours: Tu 6-7pm; Th 11am-1pm (and by appointment)
Email: eobrien@csus.edu

Read this!: Lost in the Gallery-Industrial Complex: Holland Cotter Looks at Money in Art

Course description:
After a brief historical survey of the sixties and seventies, this course moves chronologically and thematically from 1980 to the present. You will learn how the art of our time appropriates the art traditions of every time and place, how it reinvents the past for postmodern and global contexts as artists engage in manifold ways with lived experience. Readings, assignments, and lectures are meant to shed light on what lies behind the aesthetic (and anti-aesthetic) choices artists are making that shape the look of visual culture today.

Because contemporary art is made by every kind of person in every conceivable medium, because it is a product of the information age, global, characterized by fast, continual flux and border crossing, it is more challenging, exciting, and necessary to comprehend than any other art in history. Indeed, contemporary art is not “history” at all. It is of the present, and the artists' era is our own. Your education in contemporary art can help you imagine your own place in the history of art as it unfolds.

Prerequisite: Art 1C, Modern Art 109 or equivalent with instructor’s consent.  

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