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About Academic Continuity During Campus Disruption

Academic Continuity During Campus Disruption

Many things can happen that may require teaching and learning to move to an alternative format. Within the last few years, we have experienced building floods, smoke closures, and a COVID pandemic. It is critical as you plan your courses that you prepare for “what if” scenarios that might prevent your classes from meeting as usual for days, weeks, or even months.

Be Prepared

  • Mission - Even if an unplanned situation disrupts teaching and learning, our mission remains unchanged: "As California's capital university, Sacramento State transforms lives by preparing students to lead, serve, and succeed."
  • Vision - To be a welcoming, caring, and inclusive leader in education, innovation, and engagement.
  • Integrity - The integrity of our academic programs must remain paramount even if our operational modality changes due to unplanned circumstances.
  • Fairness - Conditions can change unexpectedly but our commitment to fairness cannot. As we respond to the conditions, we must ensure that those responses are equitable.
  • Empathy - Unexpected changes rarely come without some impact on the lives of individuals. Each person in our campus community is unique, and we must recognize this as we adjust our operations with compassion.
  • Timeliness - Frequent and clear communication is essential to managing a crisis situation. We must strive to share information promptly using multiple methods and strategies.

Continuity Partners

Office Expertise
Center for Teaching and Learning Faculty professional development
Academic Technology Services Academic software support
Student Affairs Admissions, registration, housing, clubs, and student affinity organizations
Information Resources and Technology (IRT) Technology division: hardware and software support
University Communications Keep abreast of the latest news and information
Office of Faculty Advancement Employment services and labor relations for academic personnel
Human Resources Payroll, benefits, staff hiring, class and comp, staff labor relations
Risk Management Resources on how to manage situations safely, manages business continuity program